#Storycraft Book Chat “On Writing” by Stephen King

SCBook125x125Today’s #Storycraft chat was an experiment of sorts. For the past six or seven weeks, I have been spruiking that the chat on May 1st (US time) would be a book club type event at which we would be discussing “On Writing” by Stephen King. I chose King’s book because when I asked for books for such a ‘book chat’ it was suggested multiple times in messages via all avenues that #storycrafters can contact me. There seemed to be a fair bit of enthusiasm, lots of RTs and people saying they’d read the book and come.
On the day, I’m not sure that it worked. Those who came enjoyed it, for the most part, but, also for the most part, had not read the book (some at all, some not for a decade.)  The sudden need to weed out the questions I had prepared which would not be understood without reading the book, made my job much harder and may also have skewed my view of how it went, so I’ve asked for feedback.

I have to remember, though, that I went to a book/philosophy club yesterday to which 5 of us turned up and most had not finished the book (guess who’s the girly swot) so maybe that’s par for book clubs? Even if it is par, it’s an awful lot of work for the organiser to go to if people are just as happy, if not happier, to turn up and chat with no preparation – normal #storycraft requires me to prep but not as much as a book chat does.  Maybe I misunderstood my audience but I didn’t think reading one particular writing book in 6 weeks would be even a blip in the lives of people who would be reading all sorts of books, fiction and writing books, to improve their writing. Oh well. Not all experiments work.

Anyway, if you’d like to take a look for yourself and see how it went, the transcript is here.

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