Ink Review: Sky High, Sailor L. E. Spring 2011 Collection

Sky High is a true light blue, without going pastel or highlighter. Sky High is not as light as the J. Herbin Bleu Azur but where it is does match that lovely ink is in its purity – there is no hint of either yellow or purple in its hue; this is the light blue a child would choose to  draw blue eyes (can you tell I love it?) Those who have Sailor’s Winter 2010 Blue,  Souten, will see a similarity but it is a couple of shades lighter than the Souten and so would, I think, be a better mid-blue if you’re looking for something to sit between a sapphire blue and a pastel or highlighter blue.

All the Sailor Limited Edition Jentle inks feel silky in my test pen (Lamy Joy with Medium nib), and show little, if any, feathering on the Clairefontaine, 80gsm, white vellum of the Rhodia Bloc pad I used for the tests .

Because my writing is not the best, the comparison inks listed are: Sailor Souten Winter 2010 Limited Edition; Edelstein Topaz; J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir; J. Herbin Bleu Azur and Noodler’s Lightning Blue (Highlighter collection).




One comment on “Ink Review: Sky High, Sailor L. E. Spring 2011 Collection”
  1. Sailor Sky High is a current favorite of mine. Agree how silky these inks are! Thanks for the mini review.


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