One comment on “#Storycraft Transcript – To Plot or Not to Plot”
  1. Thank you for the transcript! Ah, the dreaded “to plot or not to plot” conversation. What I like is the method that gets the story coherently down on the page. LOL. Short stories I will usually write a short paragraphs-style summary of my intention, and then set it aside, letting the draft flow from having ordered my thoughts. For novels, I will write longer summaries, again paragraphs-style, working out the longer intricacies (and I’ll even use nomenclature to reorder events as I work them out). Then I set it aside and start writing. If I get stuck, I’ll prod myself into the next scene with a glance back at the initial summary and, if it still fits, remind myself of what I wanted to happen at this point in the story. Then I keep writing. My stories usually end around where I wanted them to, from these initial ideas, and yet I am still free to explore subtexts, parallel themes, plots, and deepening of character within the draft itself.


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