#Storycraft 1st Anniversary Thank You!

This week marks one year since #Storycraft chat began and I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has participated, or even just lurked, in #storycraft in this past year. I didn’t expect #storycraft to last this long and the reason that it has is because each of you log in with a dual intention: to learn something to help improve your own writing and; to share your own process and discoveries in case they can help someone else.  I feel so lucky to be able to get up on (Sydney) Monday mornings and start my week with people who share my passion for the art of crafting fiction and who give of themselves, so generously.
I look forward to the next year of chats, starting with our first Book Chat, next week, on Stephen King’s “On Writing. There will be a few interruptions, and possibly a time change, around late August as Superman and I make our 18-monthly move overseas, this time to Bangkok, and I do hope that you will bare with me; I think we’ve built a wonderful little community and I will be doing my best to keep it going, wherever I am on this amazing planet.

Again, thank you and, as always,
Happy Writing,


One comment on “#Storycraft 1st Anniversary Thank You!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    […] week marks 1 year since I hosted the first #Storycraft chat! As I explained in a thank you post I wrote for the #storycraft community, a chat like #storycraft, which has no commercial connections or […]


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