Kakuozan Life – a Google Map

Our street in Spring 6A few months ago, I received an email from someone who was moving to Nagoya and considering living in the same building  in which we had lived in Kakuozan. I spent some time on Google Maps and created a map which outlined the basics of life in the area – train station, konbini, supermarkets, nearby restaurants etc. I came across the saved map again, today, while Google Mapping for Bangkok, and I thought I should pop up a post with a link to it, since it’s just the sort of thing I’d have loved to stumble across in 2008 and would love to find on various areas of Bangkok, now.
Oh, and if you have happened upon this post because you are wondering if you want to live in the Kakuozan, Chikusa area, I definitely recommend it (in fact the main character of my current novel lives there!)

View Kakuozan Life! Google Map.


2 comments on “Kakuozan Life – a Google Map”
  1. Culture shocked expats might want to know about the Dominos up the road from the Family Mart.


    1. Just to really cement that culture shock, you mean? 😀 Good idea, though, I’ll add it next time I boot up the Beast.


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