Review: Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Ergo Keyboard side view.jpg (220x220 pixels)I haven’t written much for a few weeks, partly because I’ve been reading a lot (I’m really enjoying reading “The Shadow of the Wind” for the local book club,) but also because I’d been having terrible RSI, particularly during/after #storycraft, which can move at a blistering pace. I’ve had a curved keyboard for a while (well, several, I seem to need to replace them fairly often because the ‘n’, ‘b’ and ‘t’ keys just stop working – yes, I clean my keyboards) but on Thursday, I finally broke down and bought a split ergonomic keyboard. This one, though, isn’t just a split keyboard, it’s also tilted backwards. As you can see from the pictures, this keyboard has foot under the wrist rest so that the keys are below your wrist and there’s no flexing your hands back.
Ergo keyboard top view.jpg (220x220 pixels)Obviously, I’m hoping this keyboard will reduce some of my RSI, certainly the curved keyboards that I’ve had have done so but I’ve never risked a split one because of the learning curve -I learned to touch type on my mother’s IBM “golf-ball” typewriter and it’s pretty ingrained – but the foot finally sold me because of the wrist angle relief it should offer. I am already feeling it a little, but I’m still getting used to the different placement of the letters so it’s hard to notice. The keyboard is forcing me to touch type properly, though I’m struggling with the b on the left index finger side. I need to practice today, so that I’m used to it for #storycraft tomorrow – I could switch to my old keyboard but I’d like to master this one to give it  proper test.
Superman tried it for a few minutes and he found that, with his man-sized hands, he didn’t need to move his wrists, or stretch his fingers at all, so I’d already recommend it for anyone with the hands of a six foot tall man but I’ll report back in a few weeks as to how difficult it was to adapt to and whether I’d recommend it for someone with smaller hands like mine!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    […] to find reviews that cover durability and long term ergonomic performance (and I promised one, in my original review, it’s a little […]


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