Review: Welcome to the Jungle by Hilary Smith

Welcome to the JungleWelcome to the Jungle by Hilary SmithMy rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first of, no doubt, many books that I will read on bipolar disorder, so I can’t compare it to others but I enjoyed this one very much. WTTJ is by no means a memoir, it is an expository piece, but it is written in a chatty style, easily and quickly read, and nevertheless makes it clear that the author is ‘one of us’ (oops am I identifying too much lol) rather than some doctor presenting information from on high (which, if you think about it, might actually make him ‘one of us’ – if he believes it of himself…) My point is that I appreciated the insights into the author’s own altered state experiences and the irreverence with which she approached the whole issue; I’m sure some who are not bipolar might think she perhaps should have cut the odd odd sentence or paragraph out for fear it may stimulate someone the wrong way but each of those sentences was both an inside joke and an example of the approach she champions in this book – to hold the diagnosis lightly.
I am least ten years older than the target audience, and I don’t live in the States so some of the information did not apply but plenty of it did and so I will do as Hilary invites us to as she closes the book: “Take what you like from this book and leave the rest… Live large. Think big. Go for walks.”

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