#Storycraft Chat

open_book_01On Tuesday, I posted a piece about this week’s #Storycraft chat and invited any readers interested to join us. I realise, now that I’ve only discussed #storycraft in passing, on this blog, having kept the two blogs quite separate for almost a year, so I thought a very little more explanation might be in order.
#Storycraft is the hashtag used for a weekly online chat I host on Twitter, using the account @Story_Craft.  Writers from all over the world meet to discuss a specific topic concerning the art of crafting fiction for an hour or so. We stick solely to craft matters and do not discuss ‘the biz’ topics such as querying, getting an agent or e-publishing etc.

Because I move time zone every 18months or so, but also because it’s just a better time to catch lots of English speaking writers online, I schedule #Storycraft based on Sunday at 3PM US Pacific. At the moment, my plan is to keep doing that when I move to Thailand, but I may need to rethink that if being up and ready to host at what will sometimes be 5am, Monday, proves too difficult. If you’d like to join us and are unsure what time that makes it for your part of the world, there is a countdown in the sidebar of each page on the #Storycraft blog we also have a Facebook Page and a discussion group on Goodreads.

If the whole idea of a tweetchat is foreign to you but you’d like to chat with some writers, do take a look at the How to #Storycraft page on The #Storycraft blog.

There are many such tweetchats for writers, such as the enormous #writechat (Midday Sunday, US Pacific time) and, a favourite, #scriptchat, hosted by @jeannevb, the US version of which starts at 5pm Sunday, US Pacific time and many screen inclined #storycrafters go directly from one to the other.

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