#Storycraft April 11th, 2011


This week’s #Storycraft was a doozie! We discussed the very precise and hugely important topic of the Premise (a la Lajos Egri) and the #storycrafters got stuck right in (and stuck it out, when it got tough.) I think we all learned a lot. If you’re interested, the transcript of the chat can be found on the #Storycraft Blog, here.

If you’d like to join us on #storycraft tweetchat each week, you can sign in to our room on Tweetchat.com at the equivalent of 3pm, Sunday US Pacific time (8am, Monday in my current time zone). If you’re unsure of when that is, there is a countdown on the sidebar of the #Storycraft Blog which (barring slow adjustments to daylight savings times at widgetbox) should tell you how many days, hours and minutes till the next chat. For updates in between chats, follow my @Story_Craft twitter account and/or #Storycraft Chat on Facebook.

Of course for all that, you’ll need a twitter account, so if you’re new to twitter and looking for some writers to follow, you’ve already got my @Story_Craft account and you’ll find my list of Storycraft Writers a great place to start. Of course, there’s also my personal account, @Danisidhe (pronounced “Danishee”, like beansidhe is pronounced “banshee”) and I hope you’ll say “Hi.”


One comment on “#Storycraft April 11th, 2011”
  1. Anonymous says:

    […] Tuesday, I posted a piece about this week’s #Storycraft chat and invited any readers interested to join us. I realise, now that I’ve only discussed […]


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