#StoryCraft Book Chat 1:On Writing by Stephen King

Hello #StoryCrafters! I hope you are all having a productive writing week or at least have had a little time to study some craft, if you are not. Thanks to those who commented, Tweeted, DM’d and emailed me with Writing Book suggestions for our Book Chat experiment. I’m not sure how well discussing a book in 140 character segments will go but I think it’s definitely worth trying, a couple of times at least.
OnWriting KindleThe first Book Chat will be, appropriately, on May Day – that’s May 1st at the usual #storycraft time (3pm US Pacific, 6pm US Eastern) and, by popular demand, our first writing book for discussion at #StoryCraft Book Chat will be Stephen King’s On Writing.

I’m sure many of us already have King’s book but for those who don’t, here are some online places you can find it.

Writer’s Digest:
Hardcover Edition

Barnes and Noble
Paperback (10th Anniversary edition)
NOOKBook Edition

Kindle eBook

I hope you are all able to get your hands on a copy and that 6 weeks is plenty of time to fit it into your busy schedules.

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “#StoryCraft Book Chat 1:On Writing by Stephen King

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  2. […] look forward to the next year of chats, starting with our first Book Chat, next week, on Stephen King’s “On Writing. There will be a few interruptions, and possibly a time change, around late August as Superman and […]


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