No #StoryCraft Transcript this week 6th March, 2011 – Workshopping

Hello #StoryCrafters. This week’s tweetchat was to be an experiment in a workshop style chat, wherein I opened the chat for anyone to ask questions about elements of craft that are currently, or chronically problematic to them. Unfortunately, this week the chat suffered from technical issues between Twitter and the various 3rd party applications that make tweetchatting a pleasant experience and the proper hosting of a tweetchat possible. For the same reasons, is also struggling and so, at the time of writing, there is no transcript for this week either. I will check later in the week and post it if that has changed.
Many thanks to those who stayed and struggled through the hour. I hope those whose questions managed to make it through got some useful advice.

I’d very much like to hear if you all thought that the ‘workshopping’ idea –ahem- worked, despite technical issues, and if we should make it a regularly rotated topic. Do add your comments below or, as always (and for some reason seems to be preferable to most) you can email me or contact me via Twitter (@Story_Craft or @Danisidhe).

As always, Happy Writing!

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