#Storycraft for 2011

Hello #Storycrafters, I hope that you have all been enjoying your various celebrations of the Season, whatever they may be Smile
I’m tapping out this little blog post to offer an apology for my neglect of the chat and blog these past several weeks and to address the issue of #Storycraft going in to 2011. Before I do so, though, a big, public ‘thank you’ to those of you who have tweeted, or DM’d, or emailed me privately with good wishes – they are very much appreciated (even though they make me miss #storycraft even more!!! Smile)

As many of you know, I have, unfortunately and repeatedly, I found myself ill and/or unavoidably occupied with appointments related to said sickness at exactly the time that I usually host #storycraft (which is 10a.m Monday, here in Sydney, Australia.) Let me be clear, I’m not tragically ill, I feel silly even talking about it, frankly, but I’ve been ill enough or medicated enough or just exhausted enough to be incapable of putting complex thoughts together, let alone facilitate the multiple strands of discussion which #storycraft engenders. Each week, I have promised myself that I will be ready for the next chat and then, once again, I have not been and I’ve scrambled to tweet an apology in time. Unfortunately, I already have two appointments in January which will definitely cause me to be absent; So, instead of continuing with the stress-out-then-feel-guilty cycle, I’ve come up with a couple of thoughts:

1) Since I know I’ll have various appointments through January, I will take an official hosting hiatus starting immediately until February (exact date may be effected by point number 2)

2) If January’s poking and prodding doesn’t take care of things, I’ll know that Monday mornings will have to be open for appointments and so I’ll propose a time change to #storycraft – not sure when, because the current time seems so perfect, but we’ll work something out. I’ll be sure to put up a poll of sorts on here and see what we come up with. Maybe we’ll even find something which might suit some of our European friends – it would be lovely to have more of you in the mix and not falling asleep at your keyboards!

Once again a big thank you for the well-wishes (and a bit of a blush for the fuss) and an even bigger HAPPY WRITING!! for the coming year – 2011 will be a great year for writing, I can feel it in my bones!


2 comments on “#Storycraft for 2011”
  1. Anonymous says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by @Danisidhe. @Danisidhe said: A message from your host, @Danisidhe, re: #Storycraft for 2011, Please do click through to The #StoryCraft Blog http://ht.ly/3uBUK […]


  2. last_lines@me.com says:

    Hope your January has been going well and that your 2011 is better health-wise and schedule-wise…Missing the Monday #storycraft chats and looking forward to hearing when the next one will be. I think Monday morning is a good time so I have no problem with the current time.- @ last_lines (Kim)


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