How to install Kindle on your Cruz Reader or Android Tablet


In the before-NaNoWriMo times, I promised a post which would help everyone to install the Kindle for Android app on the Cruz Reader. In the last few weeks, I’ve actually been receiving emails for help on getting it done, so here is the post, at last.
Note that this is the basic process for installing any app. on any Android tablet.

Please do let me know if the link below stops working, it was fine at the time of writing.

How to install Kindle for Android on the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader

Step 1

From your Home page, Start your Browser

From your home page, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi,  launch your browser and go to

(20th Dec 2011 )NOTE:  This post is now more than a year old and Kindle for Android has been updated so, when you get to the freewarelovers page linked to above, before continuing, do a search on freewarelovers for Kindle and look for a more recent version (at least 2.0), then continue with the instructions. Installation itself hasn’t changed.

(Hint: if you open up this post on your Android Reader’s/Tablet’s Browser, you can just click above!)

You should land on a page which looks like the picture in…

Step 2


Under the “Download” heading, you will see a link with a .apk extension – this is the extension you will want to look for whenever you want to install an app on Android.

Click that link.

Step 3


After clicking that link, you should come to a page which looks like this. Note that just under the “Downloading…” title, it has the usual download page prompt:  “If your download does not start automatically, click here.” I’ve found I always need to click there but give it five seconds to see if it starts before you click it.

Once the download starts, whether automatically or no, your screen will change to look like the picture in…

Step 4


Wait while your app downloads.

The yellow bar at the bottom is your download progress bar.

If this is the first app you have downloaded, you won’t have a list as long as this!
Note that from the list of the downloads you can see there, I highly recommend, Skyfire (a browser), NewsRob (RSS reader which syncs with Google Reader nicely), Dropbox (if you have Dropbox, of course), Word Press (if you have a WP blog) and TweetCaster.

Step 5


When your download has finished, your page will look like this, though, obviously, up the top there will be a Kindle icon, I took these shots while installing Skyfire.

Click the Install button on the bottom left.

Step 6


Watch the progress bar fill while it installs… after which is should look like:

Step 7



Now click Open on the bottom left.

Step 8


Watch Kindle for Android launch and follow the prompts to enter your amazon account details and register your new Kindle!

Step 9


Sync and browse your Kindle Library – you are ready to start reading!

(I think the library page looks much better than the Kindle for PC version, don’t you? Smile )

Now it’s time to return to writing As Long As She Lives – many thanks for the procrastination excuse!

35 thoughts on “How to install Kindle on your Cruz Reader or Android Tablet

  1. Thank you so much for putting up the illustration! I have downloaded the app successfully. I won’t tell you how long I have been trying to find this at the Android Marketplace 😦
    Thanks again!


  2. I installed the app but when I try to download anything it says there’s no recognized device. Is there something else that I need to do?


    • Did you follow the prompts to register the Cruz as a new Kindle device on Amazon? When you first launched the app it would have asked you to enter your Amazon account details. To check this, bring up the menu in the Kindle App, click Info and the first line on the Info page is: Settings – this should show you who it is registered to, and I assume it will say if it isn’t registered at all (if it isn’t, click on there and it will probably take you through the steps.)


  3. Thank you so much! I thought I was pretty good with things like this, but I have been frustrated to tears for the last few days trying to install this! I was ready to just return the whole darn thing!
    Now I am having trouble getting back out to the Kindle menu. I can navigate around the book I opened, but I can’t get back home. Any thoughts my new friends?


    • You’re most welcome, Lori 🙂 Are you familiar with the Android operating system? In all your apps on the Cruz you will be able to access a menu by pressing the ‘menu’ icon which looks like a “note” – a square with lines in it – on the bar on at the top of the pages (the one with the Home and Back icons) it will being up a menu at the bottom of the page from which you can select various options according to the application.
      If you are having trouble seeing the menu bar at the top of the page at all, I’d assume you are in reading mode – try tapping the centre of the page, this should bring up both the top bar and the progress indicator at the bottom of the page. Tap the ‘menu’ icon and you’ll replace the progress bar with a menu which will give you the option of going back to the Home menu, changing the view/font size and settings, bookmarking, ‘go to’ etc…
      Good luck!


  4. Thanks soo much for this information. You made the install instructions very easy with the pictures. You saved my life and the life of my Cruz Reader.


  5. it worked! Yea but then later in the evening it went back to not being able to open my books… I don’t get it… Help


  6. Everything looks like it’s going fine and downloading sync then when i go to open a book it says Invalid Item… What do i need to do? I’m just about ready to send it back. I guess I should be fine with the ereader that’s on it… but I really like the way kindle app looks… ???? Help???


  7. Lyla – I had an idea. On my desktop computer, where I have Kindle for PC installed, I tried opening some of my old Mobipocket books and I got an “Invalid Item” error. Are you trying to open Mobi books? I know that they are also an Amazon product and the kindle says .mobi files are compatible but DRM mobi files (which all my mobipocket books were, anything available without DRM were available in a non-mobi format instead) are NOT readable. It’s hugely annoying because installing the Kindle app forces a change in the file type from Mobi to Kindle, even though they are actually incompatible, so they come up in the Kindle app menu but they are not readable.
    For obvious, commercial reasons, Amazon has no intentions of making a Mobipocket app for Android so I am currently looking for an Android application which IS compatible with DRM Mobi books – i.e., have a PID – and will do a post on it, if and when I find one that works.
    Does that help?


  8. no… I’ve had these books open before i’ve even tried downloading a older version (kindle) but still nothing… invalid book. Should I start all over and erase activation record on next3 and start from the begining again?Mobipocket books I don’t even know what they are…
    Thanks for you help


    • OH – I don’t know anything about the Next3, I’m afraid. Technically, if it is an Android OS then it should happily run the Kindle for Android app (as long as it’s Android 1.6 or above and it looks like the Next3 says it’s 2.1) but I haven’t had any problems with this app on my Cruz Reader and I’ve seen it work happily on a couple other Android tablets and Android phones, too. It may be a Next3 issue – perhaps pop back to the Next3 fora and outline your issue there – maybe someone has had the same issue. Good luck!


    • That’s okay – you were for install and general questions but this one looks Next3 specific. My reading shows that it claims to be “compatible with Windows2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, Linux and MAC OS” and, frankly I don’t know what this means or how it can be but there’s obviously something odd going on with the OS there lol.


  9. do you have any suggestions for installing the nook reader app? i have tried but cant get it installed. it says for android but still cant get it to work. any suggestions greatly appreciated.


    • Funny you should ask, just yesterday I noticed that had the Nook app – it wasn’t there when I wrote this post and I’d stopped checking for a few months. If you open this post on your Android and click the link for the kindle, you will be on the right site – instead of clicking download on the kindle page, navigate back to the freewarelovers android apps and eith use the search or browse reference. Once you find the Nook app page like the Kindle page, you can keep following the instructions on this post – it should be the same :)Goodluck!


  10. having some issues with my cruz tablet and the won’t open up now that i have about 150 books on it, or if it does it shuts off and gives me the i shut off i need an updated app or what?can’t seem to find any updated apps yet. have way to many books on this to lose..have tried to reinstall but did not uninstall it for fear of losing what i have,, need help big time thx


    • First of all, if your books were all bought on Amazon, you don’t need to worry about losing your books. They will all be under the kindle section of your account and you will be able to re-download them at any time. Also, you can download the Kindle for PC app and put them all in there, too, if you’re really worried.
      To the problem: I’m afraid it’s not something I’ve experienced. When you say it gives you “the shut off code” what do you mean? Does Kindle shut down or the whole Cruz?
      There is a Kindle 2.0 (the one above is 1.6, I think) I’m yet to find a download source which does only that but I used the Reading apps pack from here:
      A thought: 150 books isn’t a lot of kb but if you have your kindle file on your internal microSD and it’s a small one, it could be maxing out if you have a bunch of apps there, too. You could try moving the kindle file to an external SD card and see if that helps, too.


  11. I tried to install the Kindle app from both the Kindle App Store and, but no luck getting it to install on the Cruz Tablet. I get a parsing error, and I have authorized the device to use apps that don’t come from the Cruz Market. Any ideas?


    • Hi Robert,As the Amazon App store is only available in the States, atm, I can’t speak to that but to the other I’d first ask if you have updated to the latest ROM from the cruz site? Their instructions are pretty good, just beware that when they say “be sure not to change the file name” when you download it, they actually mean be careful because if you use Chrome the file name will change of its own accord, so you have to saved it with the correct name (they may have fixed this by now, it was clearly a problem on their side because Chrome does not change file names – at least I’ve never seen it before or since and I’ve been using Chrome since beta)
      If you have updated, then I’m not sure. There is a newer version than the freeware lovers version on my page, I’ll try to find out and update it soon our computers arrive from Sydney today so maybe in the next couple of days.


  12. I have followed your instructions to a T several times but keep getting a parse error when attempting to install the Kindle App on my Cruz Reader. I’m about ready to return this thing! Nothing will install!


  13. Hi Debi and Laura,I don’t know what your errors are but they are probably related to the version linked to here being an older version, since this post was written so long ago – Installation itself hasn’t changed but Kindle has upgraded since I wrote this post. I will update this post with a little note suggesting what I am about to suggest to you, which is that when you get to the freewarelovers page linked to here, before installing, do another search for Kindle and look for a more recent one, then continue with the instructions.
    Good luck!


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