Ink Review: J Herbin “Les Subtiles” Vert

I purchased the ink reviewed below from Pear Tree Pens as part of an official sample set from J. Herbin. The sample set contains 10ml glass bottles of each of the five inks in the range: Rouge, Bleue, Ambre, Vert, Violette.

The Vert ink of the “Les Subtiles” range is the green of the range and is advertised as having an apple scent.

Scent: The scent of this one is not as disappointing as the Ambre and Bleue, it is definitely apple, though it is, again, very sweet. It’s by no means a fresh apple scent but it is a candy-apple scent and it’s lovely, if you’re in that kind of mood, and the colour is pretty vibrant so you’ll want to be in, or creating, a happy mood when you use it.

Colour: This ink shouts GREEN! It is not too yellow, not too blue. In a drier or finer pen is a true “Granny Smith” apple skin colour, almost a highlighter colour, but it certainly does not fluoresce.  I quite like the dark green it gives from the dip pen when fully loaded and I’ll be seeing what it’s like in a broad, wet nib, soon – I’ll update this post then.

Conclusion: I do like this ink, I probably won’t use it that much, but it is a nice addition to my green selection and has an agreeable scent.

J Herbin Les Subtiles Vert


Note: This is the fourth in a series of reviews on the five inks in J.Herbin’s“Les Subtiles” scented ink range. For an overview of the range and the review of the “Rouge” ink, see the first post in the series For a review of the “Ambre” ink, see the second post in the series. For a review of the “Bleue” ink, see the third post in the seriesFor a review of the “Violette” ink, see the fifth post in the series.

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