#StoryCraft Transcript – Reactionary Protagonists

6 thoughts on “#StoryCraft Transcript – Reactionary Protagonists

  1. The challenges have gone up every week till this one. My philosophy has been that as long as at least one person asks for them in the chat. This was the first week no-one did and there really haven’t been many submissions lately (a few weeks with none at all), so I figured I’d let it die gracefully. If people do want it, though, I’m happy to keep doing them, but I’ll need some guidance to make them challenges that people want to do!Any thoughts?


  2. Been doing some cruising thought the back pages. I’ll bet you never thought starting out that coming up with the challenges would end up being as much work as writing a challenge response.
    There’s nothing wrong with re-using challenges. I like your idea of keeping it to one week for a challenge, but if you reused them people who didn’t have time the first time round may be able to do it the second time round.
    The picture idea was a good one and can be different each time, reused as long as there are photos 🙂 For myself I’d like the dialogue one but that’s kind of cheating since that’s my forte.
    And of course you can put it up to the unwashed hordes at the actual chat: in the lead-up to the actual #storycraft chat, maybe from a day before or just the half hour count down while people are lurking waiting for it to start it would be something to chat about with the bonus of spreading a bit of chat promo across twitter.
    Foodstuffs for thought.


  3. hehe Actually I did realise it would be hard. I really appreciate your putting so much effort into your comment, too.
    The original challenge came from the group and I would prefer that they all do but I tried to put it out there again in the next couple of chats and there were difficulties. Either the chat got pulled off course, or some people would offer very specific ideas and feel the need to champion them (sometimes in DMs which I just didn’t have time to handle while hosting.)
    Putting the idea out there the day before is a great idea except that a)I would hope that the challenge relates to what we learn IN the chat and b) that would mean revealing the topic and, as we found out this week, that can mean it starts before the chat and makes the beginning a little slower.
    Both those issues are solved if I detach the challenge from the topic though…
    I noticed that there was some activity on the “why I write” challenge last week and the “flash Fiction” type challenges are certainly for a specific group of people who enjoy short fiction – I would never do one, for example (not that I can participate in any of them, as host.) So I actually have another idea which I’ll bring up in the next chat. 🙂


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