#storycraft tweet chat begins!

Thank you to everyone who attended our first #storycraft tweet chat, you were all very kind to me on my first foray as host. I feel confident in saying that we all had fun and learned something, too! Our first topic was Point of View and everyone jumped in feet first to discuss the pros and cons of writing from one POV or another.
Near the end of the chat @CDominiqueG: had a brainstorm and suggested a Flash Fiction Challenge: Write 300 words from the POV of an inanimate object! There is, of course, no obligation to undertake the challenge (nor stigma in not doing so) but several people were very enthusiastic about taking up the challenge so, those who do, should tweet @Story_Craft: with either a link to a blog post containing it, or email storycraft@narrativedisorder.com with the text in the email and the name for attribution. Either way, with permission, I will put a blog post together for this site containing the pieces, so we can all read them. We liked this so much, we are going to ask for a topic-related Flash Fiction Challenge topic each week!

Once again, thank you to all!

The transcript of the first #storycraft chat can be found by clicking here

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