My Week in Tweets 2010-03-15

  • "Place setup mic at listening point 1 at ear height" no #
  • "Place setup mic at listening point 1 at ear height" not what I bought it for… #
  • But the mic had a standard tripod fitting… Why. not? πŸ˜€ #
  • Ah, Autumn. Gotta love it. πŸ™‚ #
  • Look at that green! πŸ˜€ lettuce, capsicum, tin of tuna in oil, verjuice – simple & fabulous! #
  • Cleaning up after feeding myself and the cat. Hmm… #
  • LNDN (Lovely next door neighbour) is a writer, too. Been getting along so well that we've begun plotting a book to try to write together! #
  • Thank you to everyone who responded to my blog post on my father's death. I tried to answer everyone personally, I hope I didn't miss anyone #
  • Goodnight Twitterverse! #
  • Ken Levine on believable writing: "On MASH we had medical advisers… just to make sure everything was plausible. And on CHEERS we drank." #
  • Ah… Tweetdeck – how I've missed you!!! #
  • Sorry – hubby came home and hr early but has written me an excel thing to split up my tweets – so here it comes (prob too long) #
  • #amwritingparty #wipfire 1/6: She realized now that she was walking with the hip-swaying gait the women had taught her, taking the #
  • #amwritingparty #wipfire 2/6: impact of every step in her hips so that her upper body to remained perfectly level and still. Tears #
  • #amwritingparty #wipfire 3/6: pricked at her eyes. Even now those warm, strong women who had giggled fondly at her attempts to adjust #
  • #amwritingparty #wipfire 4/6: to their lifestyle, and taught her with seemingly endless patience, were helping her shoulder to heal. #
  • #amwritingparty #wipfire 5/6: Images flashed through her mind; her friend's bodies thumping to the ground around her, twisted and #
  • #amwritingparty #wipfire 6/6: bleeding beyond healing. #
  • #amwritingparty #wipfire I'll do a shorter one next time – never realised how little a tweet actually is! #
  • And now I'm going to go and be nice to hubby, instead of snapping that he's home too early lol! #amwritingparty #wipfire #
  • Look Ma! No boxes! πŸ˜€ Phase 4 – Done! #
  • My whole day has been spent on housework & there's still dinner to make. How does that happen? #
  • At least tomorrow I'll be able to FINALLY watch all 4.5hrs of Red Cliff (in superb, painstakingly balanced, Onkyo-KEF surround) guilt-free! #
  • Okay, time to either write or go to bed. See you on the other side of my decision, Twitterverse! #
  • Okay, some good grappling with my antagonist's desires, and research on immigration fraud done. Time to get some sleep. Night all! #
  • Red Cliff was AWWESOME!! There were some parts I'd edit out of Part 1 but Part 2 was WHEEE! Totally worth the 3 year wait! #
  • Starting to wonder, though, is Kaneshiro Takeshi capable of looking at someone in a non-intimate way? I was seeing all KINDS of subtext LOL! #

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