My Week in Tweets 2010-02-22

  • Expected my toenail to be purple-black this morning but it's a vibrant, almost peacock blue – kinda pretty LOL #
  • WOOHOO! Sea shipment arrives next Tuesday – by end of that week this move will be over and I will be #amwriting again!!! #
  • Note to men: Passing a dish or pan through a sink of soapy water & maybe swirling a sponge round it does not magically make it clean. LOL #
  • Note to self: Have pappadums and dip for lunch BEFORE doing the vaccuuming! Hehe. Yummy though! #
  • Will never again complain about hunting for gluten & paraben-free cosmetics – have met someone allergic to Vit E!! It's in EVERYTHING! #
  • 2nd season of Lost & thank GOD the Aussie accents are better – very nearly Australian instead of Sth African or, frankly, nowhere on earth. #
  • Catching up on SYTYCD A #
  • Watching #SYTYCD Australia. The same, DREADFUL camera work this season. IT'S DANCE! Stop giving us headshots, let us SEE the choreography!! #
  • "Remember that all description is an opinion about the world. Find a place to stand." Anne Enright in #amwriting #

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