In which Phase Four begins with Valentino-red leather

When contemplating the enormous task that this move would be, we divided it into four phases to make it feel more managable. Phase 1 was packing up Japan, two was getting back to Oz (an easy one to check off in comparison), three was the house hunt and four settling in. I’m delighted to say phase three is done and four is underway! We have found ourselves a four bedroom duplex in a suburb called Penshurst which is North of the George river but only about 20 mins to Superman’s work. We are hoping that living out of The Shire and within easier reach of the CBD will help us to enjoy Sydney much more this time.

The house is big, four bedrooms probably seems over the top for a couple, but we wanted a spare room for guests and we found that in Sydney there was either tiny, pokey places or huge places – so we went huge. The smallest bedroom is the size of the room we squished both of our workspaces into in Japan, so the space will be wonderful. The space is also our payoff for having not only no water view but no real view at all; though there were many lovely places on Cronulla beach we could afford, none would accept our wee cat.

Design-wise, the house is a real ‘find’ for a rental property; it’s modern but not a glass and tile box that is one of a block of identical apartments, rather a friendly modern with huge open plan spaces downstairs with vaulted ceilings and warm, dark wood floors, and three large bedrooms (with carpet – yay) upstairs.

The actual moving in will be a multi-delivery juggling act from hell! Our air shipment has arrived in Sydney so we’ll have that delivered soon. We will have to move in, or rather out of the serviced apartment, before the sea shipment arrives with our bed, so that has meant ordering our guest bed so we have somewhere to sleep for a few weeks. The rather ingenious ottoman-bed (as against sofa-bed) will be cutting it fine but should arrive in time. The third delivery to deal with is that of the things we’ve had in storage while in Japan which, apart from the books, I can barely remember!

We began phase 4 today, by deciding on two of the rugs we will need for various spaces. We ordered the big rug and took home a small one for the area we are designating the reading nook, for which we also bought a beautiful deco version of a wingback chair in Valentino-red leather (matching ottoman on order.) We took them over and placed them today – it still needs the bookshelves and books but I can’t wait to spend time there!

A brief addendum: obviously we are not really set up for net, yet, so this post has been written with the relatively new WordPress for Blackerry app which gives every appearance of being remarkable, so here’s hoping it all works!

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