The Hunt is on…

 Home hunting in Sydney is proving harder than we expected, and we expected it to be difficult. There is a little something extra in it when you don’t have anywhere to live if you don’t find a place before the company funded apartment stops being funded.

At the end of the first week things were looking pretty bleak – our dreams of a coastal apartment were put to bed quickly because of our cat – noone down here would consider her. So we were down to houses, none of which we could afford on the coast. Inland in the Shire, the houses we saw at our price range were so badly run down that I was in despair by the end of the week. It really seemed that the assumption was that if you were a renter and had a cat then the assumption was that you deserved only to live like a crack addict with peeling walls and curling vinyl floors… and all this an hour away from the city! Sure, the beach is nearby but, frankly, if you’re not right on the beach with a view of it every day, being within 10mins drive from it is little different than being 30mins from it, as far as I can see. 

This week has been somewhat better. I packed our Saturday with showings and appointments and we inspected 8 properties and drove past several more. Of the 8, we found one we really liked and have applied for, the location isn’t hugely convenient, but the house is beautiful and the area is green and pretty. We have another appointment this afternoon for a townhouse which is in a fantastic location for Mike’s work and shopping without a car and looks as though it is a great place, too (though we’ve run into our share of prof. photos which were straight-out lying!) 

And by the way, the navi in the Prius has been indispensable. We were able to make bookings 10mins apart despite being in a foreign city. just punch in the address and off we went. I highly recommend hiring a car with a good navi if you’re house hunting in a new city! 

I am hopeful we will have an address soon, cross your fingers for us! In the meantime, this is the view from the serviced apartment – at least we get it for a little while. 

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