My Week in Tweets 2010-01-10

  • No #rwsw this fortnight, too much partying! Happy New Year to all from the Romance Writers' Support Wave members and see you next year! #
  • First shots from our Yuletide in Kyoto are up on Flickr. Nijo Jo was our first stop! (This is also a test tweet btw) #
  • Hey #amwriting party – great WIPfire lines! I'm jealous of your writing time. In full repatriation mode here – weeding craft stuff 😦 #
  • Hmm this Yoono Twitter bar in the side of Firefox means I NEVER turn twitter off… may be too distracting. FF 3.5 looking good btw #
  • Ken Levine's review of Sherlock Holmes #
  • A post for all who have been asked to "take a look at" sthg without heed to the fact we could be being paid for it. #
  • 5:30pm and it' snowing in Nagoya! Will we keep to our plan and be at the Shrine for midnight, like last year, or will we pike? #
  • Happy New Year everyone! #
  • Nearly cracked – pulled it back. I want this to be over already! #
  • Shutting Down and closing the computers now, will be accessing 'net with laptops when we can. Have fun all, chat soon! #
  • Packing day begins. #
  • Lounge & bedroom almost done, just study & kitchen to go! #
  • Happy New Year from Atsuta Jinja in snowy Nagoya!! #
  • Taking a break in the only comfortable place we still have access to: the car. #
  • Protecting floors and wallpaper of Japanese house. #
  • Trucks awaiting our earthly possessions. #
  • LOL! A third truck has been called in. Bloody westerners and their THINGS. #
  • The matress that the Japanese could not believe heads home lol #
  • Arrived in Sydney, magnificent weather. Temp apartment has great view of coast. Utterly exhausted. Eager to get the home search underway. #
  • 18mths of Japanese quirkiness and yet none was funnier than this at a Hong Kong train station #
  • View from our temp accom. Weather is amazing, but 22C still feels hot when it was snowing a few days ago! #
  • I know it's the kind of silly thing non-tweeters think we tweet but, seriously, how beautiful is this breaky? #

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