Have CameraBag, Will Time Travel

The last few days, I’ve been playing with a little desktop photo processing toy which I discovered through one of the photography blogs I follow. It’s called Camera Bag and it’s a hoot! I believe it began as an iPhone app but it is now available for both Mac and PC desktops. Essentially, it applies a number of filtering effects to your photos, which can be mix and matched by checking the ‘multiple filter’ box in the tool bar. My favourite effect so far has been the one titled “1974” which gives your photos that good ol’, overly yellow, 1974 Kodak look. “cinema” is also fun.  There are also options for cropping, rotating etc… All of these effects/results would be possible to replicate in Photoshop and other more complex apps but I honestly doubt it could be done so easily by the most experienced Photoshop user, of course there would be more control to tweak and make it more original, no doubt but hell for 19.95, I’m having a ball!
Below are some examples of my play (I’d annontate it but WordPress is worthless when it comes to laying out images, let alone lining up text – any suggestions for plugins would be appreciated!)

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