My Week in Tweets 2009-12-06

  • Seems I haven't been doing anything but writing lately but not getting much done – need to get back to #writegoal ing everyday, I think #
  • Goig to go and try sleeping. Won't help the clock get back in gear but I'm exhausted (I think) #
  • Teehee Took this shot at a local supermarket. No wonder the street cats in Japan look so on edge! #
  • Want to buy cooking knives while in Japan? Here's my post with some tips to help! #japantravel #
  • 5:45pm and just getting going. Setting a gentle #writegoal of 1000wds before I go to bed. Baby steps. #
  • The Hand of Power. Love this shot! P120109PS-0078 #
  • Okay, it's official, John Oliver has solid gold balls Starts about 5m30s in, climax at 8m30s. Wow. #
  • Okay, okay I'm procrastinating… #
  • RT @weinmanj: Good comment by @kennybyerly on the Jim Halpert issue: #scriptchat #
  • RT @cvaldezmiller: Oh man, you guys are all too good. Loving the lines tonight. #amwritingparty DITTO! #
  • Then he'd become one of the ones who KNEW, who looked at her and saw death hovering about her like a heat haze. #WIPFire #amwritingparty #
  • These are great – all teasing my curiosity! #WIPfire #amwritingparty #
  • Oops alarm didn't go off. Have scrolled back to read #wipfire and am wanting to beta read more and more πŸ™‚ #amwritingparty #
  • I think I'll sign off from #amwritingparty for a few hours till I break the back of this sub-plot. See you later guys! #
  • heeheehee heehee! Subplot breakthrough! heeheehee heehee! Is there ANYTHING better than when it's flowing? /happy sigh #amwritingparty #
  • Thansk to #amwritingparty I did really well yesterday so I'm committing to you guys that I will do another 1000 words of plot again today πŸ˜€ #

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