My Week in Tweets 2009-11-29

  • Osaka Shrine Flickr2Twitter test #
  • Thank you for a wonderful giggle Penny! It's not just the baby, it's the Dad's sheer delight, too! RT @PennyAsh: #
  • I keep using the word 'chuckle' but I know it's not right. Anyone have a reference for words for those short, breathy exclamations we make? #
  • I need a word that's more lady-like than a snort lol #writers #
  • RT @lifeatblandings: Don't you hate it when you check on your bacteria cultures, and only the control grew anything? πŸ˜€ #nanowrimo #
  • This #tweetsgiving I'm thankful for the past 18mths I've been able to live in Nagoya & for the friends I've made here. #
  • Me, too! Which #writers will be next? RT @jeannevb: Just $10, and u can change the life of a child this #TweetsGiving. #
  • Something about Carlo Rota (possibly his incre-he-dible voice) moves me to publicly declare him the sexiest man on TV #
  • Off to sleep on some imperfections for my MC – he's just too damn sweet, so far #
  • Looks like the #amwritingparty is in full, supportive swing. Good Evening to you all from tomorrow afternoon!! πŸ˜€ #
  • Anyone know of any recent TV shows about police tactical backup squads – like SWAT or SOG or SO19? #
  • #writers When you need to work in major changes, do you pause drafting to go back immediately or continue "as if" till editing? #amwriting #
  • Order in for the next car after the car we're getting January lol Prius again and I got to choose the colour this time Yay! Red it is! #
  • RT @SueGrimshaw: Harlequin Self pub now has new name "DellArte" hehe as in "Comedia"…? #
  • Top tip! Use a G11 gaming keyboard for writing! Use macro keys for char's names, cut, paste etc. #writers #amwriting #
  • Hubby at a nomikai so I can write all night without thinking about a real dinner! WooHoo!! #
  • Kindle for PC should come with a finance education ebook. This thing is going to hit the wallet hard LOL! #
  • TeeHee! A good giggle, too! RT @inkyelbows: Embeddable comic for writers: Happy American Thanksgiving! #
  • Happy Thanksgiving to all my Stateside friends. Thankyou for all your love, support and lessons this year. ❀ #
  • From me too, guys. I'm up writing away as usual πŸ™‚ RT @sharifwrites: Happy Thanksgiving to the party ppl at #amwritingparty . #
  • I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a month of my tweets – #
  • I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets – #

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