My Week in Tweets 2009-11-15

  • URGH! The word "pronunciation" has 2 'O's NOT 3. Seriously. There is NO worse word to mispronounce! kthxbai #
  • Okay, grabbing a coffee then aiming for #writegoal of 1k before hubby gets home in three hours. SURELY I can manage that! #
  • Nearly made #writegoal of 1k in 3 hrs: 836 wds net. Would have made it if I hadn't done a scene re-write Good thing I'm not doing #nano #
  • Yes! "They don’t stifle creativity, they enable it and give it a framework, a place to play." The Rules of Art Matter #
  • Something icky about "special offers" and coupon ads/mails "in honour of our boys" on Remembrance Day. Poor form chaps. #
  • heehee RT @dhewlett: Shooting just around the corner from the hotel…people keep stopping me and asking for directions…stupid uniform! #
  • Have unsubscribed from each shopping newsletter which sent me a "for the boys" Remembrance Day sale email and told them why. Over-reaction? #
  • LOL! The two companies with the highest employee morale in the UK are (apparently) Mills & Boon and MI5!! #
  • Noooo @wilw has tweeted a vetday coupon code! Mate. Seriously? /sigh 1 in 1.5mil makes no diff but I'm a woman of my word. He goes, too 😦 #
  • Loving my new computer but switching over is laborious. I use so many apps!! Will be so worth it when it's done πŸ˜€ #
  • Awesome! Just found the notification alert sound advanced options for tweetdeck – now it only beeps for mentions, DMs and certain groups! #
  • Been at it for just over 8 hours and the new computer is almost configured. Whew! Worth it though. Liking Win 7 so far. #
  • Big congrats and support to everyone still doing #nanowrimo! Nearly halfway there! You can do it! #
  • GOD I'm loving my new audio card. I can only guess that people with onboard sound don't know what they're missing. Or are used to iPods lol #
  • Remember this one? Ah… when brass and bass were king πŸ™‚ #
  • #ff @inkyelbows @Alex_Carrick @danish_novelist @kellybarnhill @Donna_Carrick @markdavidgerson @Patti_OShea @david_hewson & #writechat! #
  • Okay, turning off the social media and getting to today's #writegoal just going for another 1k today. Nice and gentle πŸ˜€ See you later! #

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