My Week in Tweets 2009-11-08

  • Wondering if #writechat today will be super busy because of #nano or like a desert because of #nano#
  • Computer is behaving itself tonight – did it see the emails to the PC store? Must keep champagne away from keyboard or I may be in trouble.. #
  • Looking through list of recent boys names – was thinking "Messiah" was a bit much till I saw "Pregnancy" SURELY a database glitch, no? #
  • Looks like the answer to my #writechat query is: desert lol And fair enough, too. Happy writing y'all! #nano #
  • hehe and spoke too soon – never seen such a quiet build up to #writechat!! #
  • RT @PennyAsh: Heard a writer say once if you can tell your chars what to do you're writing badly #writechat So true #
  • RT @Alex_Carrick: #writechat Marcel Proust: the point of going through life is not to see things, but to see things with different eyes. #
  • Oops falling asleep on keyboard – 8am here! Thanks for another great #writechat will try ot be up for #scriptchat in a little while! #
  • Hunting for names again – all my faves seem to be some version of 'chase' or 'hunt' which is just too icky for a detective, no? #writechat #
  • A few of the shots from Osaka at the weekend 😀 #
  • My new 31mm prime is making me want a good superwide lens – thinking about going for a fisheye to have some distortion fun. Hmmm… #
  • Yes! School-room writing is not good writing. "The 7 bad writing habits you learned in school" #writechat #writers #
  • Okay, time for me to attempt some sleep. #writechat always takes a couple of days to recover from! #
  • A post as a follow up to #writechat on the story 'writing itself' Includes Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk on the issue 🙂 #
  • /sigh that it doesn't surprise RT @tamegoeswild: J comp. has a 'no business trips for women' policy because 'women suffer badly from jetlag" #
  • A sad and unfortunately common story about foreign men marrying in Japan 😦 RT @tamegoeswild: RT @1rick: #
  • Hubby's been sick since Sunday but he brought home roses for our 8th wedding anniversary tonight 🙂 Celebrations postponed till he's better. #
  • Just finished @leighmichaels "On Writing Romance" – passionate, generous, entertaining. Highly recommended! #
  • Just "spoke" with HP Japan on phone – HYSTERICAL but I understand more than I can say so it worked out. I'm getting an email lol #
  • Anyone in Japan had any experience with PC Tokyo? Hubby bought from them and ave quote myself but his fan is playing up – any thoughts? #
  • Watching SYTYCD. Proposition – tappers are not dancers but musicians – percussionists to be precise, their shoes their instruments. #
  • Consultant asking for documents that I'd have thought shouldn't be nec'y when using a corporate relocation firm. What is the coy paying for? #
  • Why do ideas always start flowing just before aI have to go out? Guess I'll just have force myself to focus on yakitori and karaoke 😀 #
  • RT @Whyguys: Contact me if you want to be on my Author list to plug your book. Please RT. #

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