My Week in Tweets 2009-10-25

  • LOL I love it! One of the keyphrases which brought someone to my blog: "writing a narrative about a couple fighting over a piece of cake" #
  • Heading in to writechat – apologies to those not interested in those tweets. πŸ˜€ #
  • I think before 'calling' there is 'compulsion' i.e., it is the most natural medium of expression, just as some draw or dance… #writechat #
  • I think 'calling' is possibly content related. You are 'called' to express something specific – not all writing comes from there #writechat #
  • RT @Alex_Carrick: RT @Danisidhe: @alisonwells Agree "attitude" a poor substitute for hard work & talent #writechat #
  • RT @markdavidgerson: @alisonwells or just plain pathological!? lol #writechat exactly! #
  • RT @LiaKeyes I think … quickly becomes a job if you're serious about publication. #writechat Really? Quickly? What does 'serious' mean? #
  • RT @LynnJordan: Telling a story is art. Telling it well is a honed skill. #writechat YES!!! #
  • I think the advice to write what you know is a nice way of saying – don't write what you have no clue about, it won't ring true! #writechat #
  • RT @KageyNYC: If you're looking for #scriptchat (and really, who isn't?) it starts NEXT Sunday at 8PM EASTERN. #writechat #
  • Just booked trip to Kyuushuu for five days starting on Wedding Anniversary in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to experience Nagasaki! #
  • Autumn and, once again, Kakuozan streets are filled with the scent of peaches, port wine magnolia and jasmine /happy sigh #
  • ROFLMAO!! RT @beltonwriter: You know you've lived too long in Japan when you bow back to the ATM when the graphic says β€œthank-you” #
  • heeheeheehee Read and feel good about your own stories and pitches. How can people submit this stuff?? LOL #
  • Now I do have to get some washing into the shower, some chicken under the fish grill, start the rice cooker and refill my potto – ja mata!! #
  • Thanks to those organizing #scriptchat for making it at 9a.m. Tokyo/11a.m. Sydney so we Oceania people can join in without a caffeine drip! #
  • Damn and #$%#!! My mobile no longer connects to, it goes to some beta japanese version with no access to the rest of the world!! #
  • I have no issue with a japanese version but I should be able to select the .com URL without being redirected #
  • And the Japanese should be able to see the rest of the world's tweets – why should they have to limit to Japanese? They all write English. #
  • See this? Tweeted in Japanese! This totally screws the last 2 mths of my project – any help appreciated! RT @yonasu: ???????? #
  • Panic over lol. Seems the redirect itself was the prob. Going directly to I can log in. /blush @yonasu @kenleewrites #
  • Sigh, seems I'm just waiting to jump on anything which impinges on my last 2 months here – that was ridiculous. I don't want to leave 😦 #
  • RT @tweetmeme TED Tuesday – Ideas Worth Spreading #
  • ROFL The Bros & Sisters crew rock – starting a French Countryside montage with a sign reading "Cliche sur mer" – I LOVE IT! pure pleasure. #
  • Girliness inc: WTB hair clip that holds my hair the same way pushing a pair of glasses on to my head does. Nothing is as flattering LOL #
  • 13k words in 3 days but not one of them on the project closest to completion. Sigh. So much for #writegoal. Then again – enjoyed the 13k πŸ™‚ #
  • Definitely drooling over the 'Nook' – looks like it's got it right. Wish it was available outside US though 😦 Happy to upload via USB. #
  • LOL I WISH!! RT @ndude: Does tweeting count towards my #writegoal ? #
  • Excited that Superman is returning from his two week biz trip today but not about losing uber-monitor. Biku Kamera ni ikimasho!! #
  • Hmm have to suggest some perspective there lol RT @AdviceToWriters: Writing is the hardest work there is. MARY ROBERTS RINEHART #writechat #
  • And hello again #japantravel chat Welcome back Shane! #
  • Did you know that in November all the gods are in Izumo? hence Kyuushuu and Sthn Japan are very busy!! #japantravel #
  • ROFLMAO RT @sheldoncooper: – I don't find this funny at all, @TheRaj. #
  • Note to self: "harshness in his stance" much more meaningful than "harness in his stance" … but less funny. #
  • Take 4minutes to be inspired. πŸ™‚ Symphony of Science – 'We Are All Connected' #
  • Yay! Hubby is home. Brigid (our cat), who pined and WHINED for him the whole two weeks is now, of course, utterly ignoring him LOL #
  • Still heavily in the story space I've been in all week. Trying to wean myself so I'm not distracted for in-laws visit tomorrow! #writechat #
  • How will your kids handle your copyright after you're gone? One angry puppy! Academic reference not fair use – sheesh! #
  • When is writing unhealthy? Interesting discussion going on at the Branson blog #writechat #writers #
  • Lovely afternoon and evening with the in-laws πŸ™‚ Off to Toyota plant tour tomorrow – can we get them to karaoke afterwards???? heehee ssshhh #
  • Damn it, won't make #scriptchat will be out showing the in-laws the lovely city of Nagoya. I'll try to make next week πŸ™‚ Have fun all! #
  • Happy to have visitors but after the 2 wks alone to write I am having withdrawal! I will be sooo ready to write on Wednesday! #writechat #

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