TED Tuesday – Ideas Worth Spreading

ted1In my RSS travels, I recently discovered a source of inspiration about which I am no doubt very, very late on  the uptake. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) I just didn’t know there was a place we could go to hear the speakers (rather than hoping the ABC would include them in Big Ideas broadcasts lol.)
I don’t really believe in piggy-backing of other people’s content for my own but I love it when someone I read points me to something inspirational and TED’s tagline: “Ideas Worth Spreading” and their copyright permissions (for those who were wondering) ask us to do so. To do my part in my little part of the blogosphere, I thought I’d start a series embedding TED talks from over the years that particularly appeal to me and, in doing so, hopefully spread a little inspiration. If you are inspired to hear more from TED, you can find more talks than you throw a failed iPod battery at here.

I’m going to start with Ken Robinson’s talk on taking creativity as seriously as we do literacy, lest we educate creativity out of society. Serious subject but hugely entertaining speaker so grab a cuppa when you can afford to take a 19min 20 sec break and enjoy and absorb. 😀

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