My Week in Tweets 2009-10-18

  • I've stolen hubby's new HUGE screen and hooked it up to the second port on my uber vid card to 'test' a two screen solution. heehee #
  • Storyview on 27" screen? Oh yeah. #
  • This just in: assassination attempt foiled by ninja's Twitter addiction. #
  • Okay guys, maybe checking a map is a little emasculating – ninjas not so terrifiying when lost… #
  • "But I don't WANNA be a ninja! I don't WANNA!" Being a tiny ninja is tough! #
  • A giggle for all #writechat -ters and #writegoal -ers via Craig Mazin. Give yourself a 1min 14sec break πŸ™‚ #
  • Okay time for me to focus on my #writegoal – re-write done by this Friday AARGH!! #
  • Any PC experts out there? I have my comp set up to allow me to use french accents easily but need to turn it off temporarily. Any ideas? #
  • Seriously if anyone is or knows someone good at the language tools in XP I will be sooo grateful for your help. #
  • "I'm not to be truffled with!" Ah how I love The Office. πŸ˜€ #
  • Has anyone else noticed a lack of "ly" in people's speech? "it went flawless" "you played that lyrical" educated people, too. #writechat #
  • Found this great article on adverbs as correct English but bad writing. #writechat #
  • Wow, it seems the word 'ninja' is almost as magical as 'breasts' for traffic. My Flickr views have gone through the roof – for me, anyway. #
  • RT @Donna_Carrick: @Cherilnc @Nickinson re: agent or editor first. Editor. #writechat #publishing / Agreed. Never query with unedited MS. #
  • Continuing with #writegoal to finish adaptation by Friday. #amwriting #writechat #
  • Solved ch 3. Having skipped it to work on the rest, I realized the damn thing is just exposition when put into prose! DELETE. #writechat #
  • Laughing myself hoarse!!! A peek into publishing PR and what will be asked of the author! #writechat #writegoal #
  • Must everyone turn my name into "DaniellA" ? Seriously. I know my married name is Italian but not obviously so. "Danielle" is pretty common. #
  • Okay enough comms work and frivolity, time I joined the #amwriting crowd for the day. #
  • Lost 2 days for #writegoal to pain killers and bad sleep. My head is clear now but it's 1am so don't know whether to work or try to sleep… #
  • RT @Whyguys: Please RT. If you are a writer or poet I want to read your blog. Send me the link. #writing #amwriting #writechat #
  • Looks pretty good actually. RT @bsandusky: LOOK! A new Kindle —erm I mean B&N e-reader. #somuchforcreativityindesign #
  • Hear! Hear! RT @Whyguys: @inkyelbows Wanted to thank you again for your great blog. #
  • Password change seems to have been successful I wonder if these guys were behind the "don't change password" warning… smart, evil cookies. #
  • Probably not on my system but going to run deep spyware/trojan/keylogger scan while I go for my walk. GRRRR #
  • Urgh! I can't bare "blogs" that don't have an RSS feed. A webpage laid out and updated to look like a blog is NOT a blog – RSS people! #
  • It's surely more work to make a plain page look like a blog than to do a basic wordpress install, is it not? #
  • Re-watching "Hamish Macbeth" for – ahem – dialogue research & highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't had the delight. #
  • Cabin fever!! Off to Mitsukoshi for food and a knife block so hubby will stop mocking me for putting new knives back in their velvet boxes! #
  • Couldn't find knife block so asked hubby to hunt in Oz – instigated mocking along lines: "but your preciouses needs their velvet boxes" sigh #
  • Test #
  • Take some time to be inspired! KenLeeWrites takes us with him on a climb up Mount Tateshina in Japan. #japantravel #
  • A fun & thoughtful article on the Vampire trend "young straight women want to have sex with gay men" LOL #writechat #
  • Because writer should: RT @ajbarnett: Who else wants to know how action impacts on a story – #writechat #litchat #
  • Need to take MS away from comp – have printed it out and will work on at the dining table after dinner of scallops and salmon! A bientot! #
  • RT @Danisidhe Why Twitter? I'm not self-obsessed, just testing a new plugin LOL #
  • !@branli Write a detailed description of the room and the feeling and save it for a character one day πŸ™‚ #
  • RT @inkyelbows: Writer's Guide to Twitter Much more comprehensive & well structured than mine yesterday! lol #
  • RT @jeannevb: Another fantastic post by @smashadv Interesting post on online "friendships" and whether they are. #

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