My week in tweets 2009-10-11

  • Kitchen Rack solution for computer. Hooks for teatowels hold looped wires power cables hide underneath! #
  • Okay, firing up Storyview and geting into editing/re-write. Going for broke with today's #writegoal – the whole of chapter 3! Later all! #
  • teehee RT @SteveMolaro: Not the most helpful sign on the set, really… #
  • Okay no more tweeting, got yesterday's #writegoal to meet! Good luck everyone who is #amwriting today! #
  • Finally uploading photos from our trip to Takayama with @alliology and her hubby to Flickr! It's been a year! #
  • Photos form our trip to Takayama this time last year #japantravel #
  • Watching "The Last Templar" Dear oh dear… checked IMDB for a date thinking maybe it was while Sorvino was struggling and it's '09! #
  • Oh god, I know first eps are always awkward but SERIOUSLY. The only excuse for "Last Templar" is as an example of what not to do! #writechat #
  • Literature inspires us to ask the question "what would I do if…?" Spiritual lit can help us to answer from our strongest selves. #litchat #
  • RT @dosankodebbie: …our responsibility should extend (at least) to NOT glorifying evil… #litchat Utterly agree Debbie 🙂 #
  • Err, I hope that was a joke? lol RT @LexxClarke: Jack Kerouac as an inspiration to travel? #litchat #
  • RT @UncompletedWork: Looking for NY or LA based Voice Actor who can do a Spot on Fozzie Bear and Kermit please RT #
  • As a real Australian, I would normally refrain from references to Crocodile Dundee but, seriously: Call that a storm? #
  • Okay just one more funny And for the record: there is no choice – DPS does not get heals if tank has none. kthxbai #
  • One… #
  • Two… #
  • Three! (And no tweeting for an hour minimum!) Bye! #
  • RT @jonrog1: RT @DerrenBrown Blog post: Scam of the week #
  • For those moving to Japan and not just visiting, here's my blog post on deciding what to bring, too 🙂 #japantravel #
  • #Japantravel tweetchat done for another week – Fridays 12pm Tokyo time if you have any questions about travelling in Japan! #
  • WOOHOO!!!!!! SPOOKS IS BACK!!! GOD I've been needing closure on that. Not that I watch it online of course… never #
  • In the trusty tank on the freeway en route to the All-Japan Ninja Tournament at Koka Ninja Village. Will try to tweet shots 🙂 #
  • The Honda Stepwgn. Are biological parents allowed to drive them? #
  • I've seen some mad shaped cars here but this takes the cake! #
  • Heading home after browse through Shigaraki ceramics shops/studios. Good day. Photos to come! #
  • We love our navi but I'm not sure if it actually helps to know There's another 19 km of this :: le sigh :: #

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