My week in tweets 2009-10-04

  • wow if only my 118k had been one book in NZ 😦 RT @thatwemightfly: The definitive guide to novel word counts: #writechat #
  • #
  • Armed with my baseball lesson from @shanesakata i am at my first ever game. Dragons v Giants @ Nagoya Dome #
  • Is it just me or is there more down time than sport in baseball? Or is it Japanese baseball? #
  • there are two batters alternating atm??? #
  • Battery ran out on phone so could not keep twittering game – Dragons won ten to one. Might have been better if Giants had been serious… #
  • Very glad to have gone, though. Esp to see the Dragons on home turf at the Nagoya Dome – one to check off the Japan to do list. #
  • Have to admit that I now consider tennis to be a fast paced game, though LOL #
  • A #writechat must read! On the importance of Story – i.e., SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN! lol #
  • Hello to all new followers I look forward to out conversations! @bethlane if this comes through apologies for blocking, it was an accident! #
  • Thanks Carolyn I laughed hard too! RT @cjewel: I laughed so hard at this blog post from Ann Bardawill: #
  • 11:45pm, wide awake and KNOWING I"m only going to sleep in and be awake late again tomorrow but I just… can't… sleep 😦 #
  • Hear! Hear! RT @inkyelbows: Scott Edelstein (@EdelsteinScott): How To Stay Out Of The Slush Pile -Excellent advice! #
  • Can't decide whether to give in to insomnia and open up Storyview or try to de-stimulate the brain enough to sleep (never works) #writechat #
  • Going to attempt sleep or at least finish the 3rd of the Iggulden Emperor series. Wish me luck! #
  • #litchat Guys – THIS is the tablet you want better functionality and you won't be forced to buy books through iTunes! #
  • #litchat I ahve been using a tablet PC since 2004 – just replaced my burned out ACER for the HPtx2. I love to redpen in e-ink! #
  • #litchat not to mention handwrite straight into my wordprocessor 😀 #
  • Working with Storyview outlining app have had breakthrough with MG adaptation from screenplay – I'm loving this program! #
  • Okay I'm going to bite the bullet and give myself a deadline: #writegoal adaptation of The Shadowkeeper editable draft complete by Oct 16! #
  • Okay okay I'm procrastinating. Back to it! #
  • #writegoal Halfway through Chapter 1 of 7 (they're probably too long atm but I can never work out where chapters go – I'm a scene girl!) #
  • Must not clean keyboard… Must not clean keyboard… #
  • #writegoal Chapter 1 done! Well on my way! Yay. #
  • Congrats and thanks to all the #writegoal -ers churning through the words and giving support. We rock!!! 😀 #
  • Had my hot milk, now reading my publishing and writing blogs then hopefully will be wound down enough to sleep then rise at a decent time. #
  • Well I'm off to try sleeping. Happy writing to those of you in the midst of the day I've just finished – Thurs works out well! Good night! #
  • Okay NOW I'm off to bed. #
  • Woot! Fell asleep by 1 and slept through to 8:30! Feeling great! #
  • RT @ShaneSakata: Good morning! Two hours until the @japandiscovered #japantravel chat – join here with q's & tips #
  • Wow check out this Montreal film students' lip-dub in ONE TAKE. (first time the song hasn't bored me stupid, too!) #
  • Cool! RT @JapanDiscovered: Looks like we will find out whether Tokyo will get the 2016 games during the #japantravel chat today! #
  • Sick of having to enter my digits for every single ebook I want to buy – PAYPAL people! Or give in to Amazon and be done with it. #
  • #litchat Sick of having to enter my digits for every single ebook I want to buy – PAYPAL people! Or give in to Amazon and be done with it. #
  • RT @JapanDiscovered: Just 5 minutes until the @japandiscovered #japantravel chat – join here with q's & tips #
  • Many of your favourite Japanese companies have tours e.g. see Toyota robots & prototypes or see how Noritake ceramics are made #JapanTravel #
  • Toyota tour Toyota tour Noritake Gardens #JapanTravel #
  • The nice thing is that it's not actually cold in Autumn, just wet so it clears the crowds but doesn't prevent you doing much #JapanTravel #
  • Speaking of glass, in Otaru, Hokkaido, you can blow your own cup or vase. There was a veritable blizzard the day we did it! #japantravel #
  • Glass Blowing in Otaru It's great fun and, with help, you really do make your piece yourself! #JapanTravel #
  • Autumn is a great time to go to the smaller mountain towns like Takayama which become less accessible when the snows set in. #JapanTravel #
  • Speaking of Hoshigaoka Terrace – a great place to spend a rainy day shopping and people watching in Nagoya. Higashiyama line 🙂 #japantravel #
  • Of course Takayama is known for it's outdoor museum and it's too cold and wet for that right now. #JapanTravel #
  • RT @JapanDiscovered: Close to the end of the rainy day #japantravel tweetchat – great ideas from folks! Food, museums, tours – lots to do! #
  • RT @JapanDiscovered: That's it for this edition – get out and explore, even if it's raining there is still lots to do and see! #japantravel #
  • That's it for the Japantravel spam from me, dear followers. I know you're mostly writers so I appreciate the patience 🙂 #
  • Off to the supermarket to get dinner for tonight so the guilt of not having done it doesn't weigh on my writing! :: le Housewife sigh :: #
  • Back from shopping and I have to say I will never get used to rain that doesn't cool things down. It's simply wrong to sweat in the rain. #
  • A treat for the hubby and I tonight – I found a WHOLE chicken at Pare Marche! That's pretty special in Japanese supermarkets. Roast tonight! #
  • RT @AdviceToWriters: Don't write about a character. Become that character, and then write your story.ETHAN CANIN
    #fiction #writing #litchat #
  • Something to keep in mind while we suppport each other in #writechat #litchat etc… Keep our advice to what we know! #
  • ROFLMAO a comedy writer gets their own back on telemarketers Enjoy the laugh 😀 #
  • #writechat #litchat Advice pls: Should I join Facebook? Had dreadful exp with MySpace and will never return but is there a community on FB? #
  • ROFLMAO!!!! RT KarlBimshas: A Prose Stylist is a fancy way of saying Ghostwriter. #writechat #
  • Ok facebook is freaking me out. Just put in my name and email and when I go through it showed me 2 people I "may know" and I DO! wtf? #
  • Okay I've ventured into Facebook and would love to find other writers & writing communities! You can find me at: #
  • Okay, so how does this work and will I end up with doubles as it goes back and forth? #
  • Okay lets try that again… #
  • Putting together shelf from Nitori so I can get my comp off the ground. In Sydney we are having CARPET so dust will settle to be vaccuumed! #
  • Okay, shelf built. Now for the detangling the computer wires and sorting. If it works I'll post a pic 'coz I think I have a good solution! #
  • Anyone out there have exp with SSDs? We are building a media centre comp and it occurs that they may solve the boot up speed issue Thoughts? #
  • Congrats to all meeting their #writegoals !! 😀 No time for writing till Monday (Nagoya Festival tomorrow!) but I'll see you all then! #
  • This is too funny! Hubby is playing a game on new PC. Char is being force-marched but he doesn't know how to move so is being beaten LOL #
  • Oh dear that sounds terrible but trust me it's funny without being mean. 😀 ROFLMAO #
  • Off to the Nagoya Festival and associated events! Perfect day. Should be great! #
  • Nagoya is truly beautiful From Oct 1st onward – if you are planning a trip to Japan Autumn is a WONDERFUL time – AVOID SUMMER! #

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