My week in tweets 2009-09-27

  • Traffic on way to Ise – 2009 in Japan WHERE’S MY FLYING CAR?! #
  • #writechat RT @writing: Google Book Settlement being revised after Justice Department says it violates federal law #
  • May not have flying car but downloading next Iggulden book to PDA for reading on the Shinkansen to Tokyo today is futuristic and AWESOME! #
  • #writechat MUST read for all but esp those who believe any story can be made to take any form/medium/length. #
  • Off to catch the Shinny – bye! #
  • 2nd last day and a public holiday lol. I seem to be the only one here alone. #
  • On the Shinny home to Nagoya from Shin-Yokohama. Very very tired and sore. It was a mosh pit 😦 #
  • Perhaps this is more interesting 🙂 I missed them having their had cream desert after bento dinner. I’ll miss this. #
  • Looks like the dust storm has hit Australia Amazing shots here I was waiting for this after those fires. Just like ’83. #
  • Looking forward to moreon this: RT @WritingSpirit: – My 100 Day Writing Challenge Tracking Sheet. Will post. #
  • Not joining in the Dan Brown bashing, a great post on nurturing the not-so-famous from Straight From Hel! #
  • Making a Tweetdeck group for the ficitional characters I follow – there are five now, it’s an interesting evolution. Oh yes and it’s 4 am 😦 #
  • MUST SLEEP! Going to Tokyo on Fri and want to write tomorrow so need brain to work. Going to try reading again – wish me luck! #
  • OMGOMGOMGOMG I WANT ONE!!! Seriously yummy… potentially. #
  • Just love doing that trip! feeling like a regular at Shinagawa now, it really is the smoothest station at which to transfer in Tokyo. #
  • Hello from Asakusa, Tokyo! #
  • Dinner in Yakitori Alley magnificent balmy breeze, the Shinny roaring past above. Perfect. #
  • Kaerimasu! #
  • Very lazy Sunday for me, too recovering from two lovely but hectic days in Kappabashi with @ShaneSakata Post on buying Japanese knives inc! #
  • Off to make dinner and continue hard-core relaxing. Feel like I haven’t worked on my book for ages – really looking forward to it tomorrow! #

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