My week in tweets 2009-09-20

  • Keeping myself awake for #writechat by exploring ways to brush up and improve my French. Found from the BBC – not bad! #
  • Yes! RT @TwinkleChar: Re how to stay excited, if your story is boring you, that is not a good sign. Write exciting story. #writechat #
  • to@MonicaEmme The best thing you can do for yourself is honestly ask what it is you fear will happen. You may not be ready 🙂 #writechat #
  • Or choose who to follow with more precision. RT @spacecrazed: @briandigital Then they can use #writechat #
  • RT @KarlBimshas: Write what you can, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose, copy, annual reports, flash, epic. Write. Write. Write. #writechat #
  • A strong premise helps you make story choices when you're not in your best writing mood because you know what you want to express #writechat #
  • RT @maggiedana: @WritingSpirit Self pub not dirty word(s), but vanity publishing is. Not many know diffeence. #writechat #
  • Thanks for the #writechat (or should I say pubchat?) guys – see you next time I can stay up till 4am! #
  • And the winner is… Sydney! Come January we will be returning to Sydney.It's not home but a chance to try to enjoy it more this time ^_^ #
  • Funny thing is, Nagoya has felt like home since the 3rd month while Sydney never did and I feel as though I am leaving home, not returning. #
  • Anyway, that's four months left to enjoy Japan and we are going to!! #
  • Catching up on Top Gears I missed while in NZ – the boys are pretending to be 17 – priceless! #
  • @allilogy sent some Mac&Cheesefor us to try & OMG it's flouro orange! Can't believe It's edible! #
  • Great stuff RT @RyanJVanSeters: Nature v. Nurture; The Architecture of a Writer. 10 tips to improve your craft! #
  • Just realised that the Caspar the ghost icon of a couple of followers is some new Twitter thing. If it were twitter blue I might have got it #

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