My week in tweets 2009-09-13

  • Hmm might have to abandon study – keep twitching to see if every vehicle that stops is a truck with my gluten-free stuff from the States. #
  • Researching awards for my protag's profession & found the childhood friend upon whom he is loosely based HAS ACTUALLY WON THEM. #writechat #
  • Considering we were 12 when we last saw each other and he wanted to be a rock star – I call that FREAKY! #writechat #
  • Yes, folks! That's pasta in a bowl made of bread.This is the truth about Japanese done lol! #
  • NZ writing retreat photos are up on Flickr – enjoy! #writechat #writegoal #NewZealand #
  • Okay time to start #amwriting for the day – good luck with your #writegoal everyone! #
  • RT @BrendaNixon: #writechat, "Self-esteem doesn't come from "being the best," it comes from valuing the best in yourself!" #authors #writers #
  • 2 UK shows working as US shows #Leverage (Hustle) and #TheOffice. I think what makes it work might be the added sentimentality. #writechat #
  • I wonder, then, would it have worked if the Americans had made #AbFab sweeter and kinder instead of nastier . #writechat #
  • Come to think of it, "Kath and Kim" failed int he States because it was too nasty – I think I'm on to something. #
  • I'm also procrastinating. #writegoal: finish reworking chars after googling my inspiration made me feel like a stalker. LOL #writechat #
  • YES!! LOL RT @funnyordie: Can't afford Beatles Rock Band? Buy a cheap guitar and just learn to play and sing the damn songs. #
  • New blog post: #
  • I hate Ihate I hate writing posts in the WP bloody dashbloodboard #
  • New blogpost rescinded since it published the autosave version from 15 mins before I pressed publish. #
  • Does nayone know if Windows Live Writer has fixed the problem they had with the WP upgrade that prevented us from posting pictures properly? #
  • New blog post: Temporary Post Used For Theme Detection (e58e5d46-5369-4eb9-a78e-810d9282d698 – 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7) htt … #
  • New blog post: I’m back! #
  • Okay this one will work. Sigh. RT @Danisidhe: New blog post: I’m back! #
  • Urgh, just saw something hideous on google news and I'm not going to even try to sleep for fear of nightmares. EW! #
  • Off for dinner and Karaoke with the hubby tonight – just us, just to sing for fun. I love Japanese style karaoke! #
  • Sang ourselves hoarse! Dedicated a Dido song to @alliology and got Rick rolled LOL #
  • RT @sciam Early Risers Crash Faster Than People Who Stay Up Late WOOT for night owls? Or shoot that be WHOOT? teehee #
  • RT @KarlBimshas: HUG MORE. Pass it on via RT @alliology @ShaneSakata @nkanna @branli #

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