Back from beautiful Mangonui, NZ

The New Zealand retreat was wonderful! I cooked and ate clean, NZ produce, drank and washed in sweet rainwater, chopped kindling and built a fire for my heating each day and I managed to slow my brain right down and get lots of writing done. The Northland winter was astonishing, equally cool, sunny, blue sky days and wild, wind-whipped stormy days which made one think in sympathetic wonder about Tasman and Cook and the men who lived through that weather out on the seas to find the place. I was highly inspired by both the isolation and the scenery. The fiction writing mood continues, however, so the blog writing feels a little like time taken away from it – hence the tardiness and brevity of this post.

This slideshow is mostly of photos I took from my little house – you will see why I felt no need to leave and why the creative juices flowed!


3 comments on “Back from beautiful Mangonui, NZ”
  1. Hi there. Enjoyed this post. Am wondering if you stayed near Mangonui. Some of the places in the photos look familiar.


    1. Yep that’s Mangonui 🙂 The house overlooked Mill Bay so Mangonui proper was down the coast to the right.


  2. Anonymous says:

    […] hunting for a new desktop photo from my 2009 writing retreat in New Zealand, just now, I found this shot of my work table and had a realization. See that yellow legal pad? […]


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