My week in tweets 2009-09-06

  • Thank you @amylundebrek ! Much appreciated. Now to decide whether to stay up or nap and set an alarm – I've missed #writechat while away! #
  • Missed #writechat again – 4a.m. is just in that too late AND too early time slot 😦 #
  • Want to email my new NZ friends but charger for my PDA with addresses in it is in the stuff I sent back by mail 😦 #
  • About to watch what is apparently the last ep. of BSG – just don't see how they can end it well in one ep – without mass extinction. #
  • …or they could return to a story I thought abandoned. It turned a lot of the previous into pure padding but it was a lovely ending. #
  • IFCIT LOL RT @THEsaragilbert: I know technically today was only as long as yesterday, but emotionally I just don't see how that's possible. #
  • Anyone else having trouble with weblinks not working in Tweetdeck? #
  • Been for my first walk – well stroll – since hurting the knee in NZ. Nagoya is blessed with a silken wind, today. #
  • Okay time to start the writing for the day in earnest – if I tweet in the next hour please /SLAP me. ^_^ #
  • Does anyone know how to add an app to the list of default app options in Vista? Seems I can't make Chrome a default 😦 #
  • hehe I beat 'em – I set FF as my default browser and Chrome asked me when I booted it up afterwards- yay! #
  • I can do that, too lol #
  • Nice! A working title for my romance novel just came right out of the mouth of one of my main characters! ^_^ #writechat #writegoal #
  • I thought avoiding gluten would be easier in Japan but it's harder! I should have guessed, really, they invented MSG! #glutenfree #celiac #
  • /chuckle RT @yonasu: My mom: "Did you go shopping?" Me: "Not really, I just got Snow Leopard" Mom: "You bought a snow leopard!?" :D:D:D #
  • A little tired of people suggesting Stevia as a sweetener. It may be healthy but it fails in one major respect: it's not SWEET. #
  • Note to Estate Agents: If you have more shots of the street view of the property than the interior we know it's crap inside /rolls eyes #
  • Same goes for shots of foyers, shared pools, gyms, and grounds – seriously people, we're smarter than that LOL #
  • Good morning! Congrats to all those who met their #writegoal and #writegoals yesterday! #
  • Hmm woke up with perfect idea for scene yet seem to be avoiding it – I wonder if it's guilt for what my characters are about to do… teehee #
  • Okay time to get going on my #writegoal Requesting /slaps if I tweet within the next two hours this time. ^_^ #
  • The moon in Nagoya is pink tonight – it's pretty but a little worrying. Only seen that colour during bushfires. #
  • Hubby's flight from Bangkok lands at 6am – if I can sleep late enough it will be like waking up Christmas morning to find Santa has been ^_^ #
  • Okay #writegoal for the week was way overambitious for being back home – just too many distractions. A bit over 1/2 of the 10k done though. #
  • Wow. RT @GlutenFreeDude: The Restless Leg Syndrome, SIBO, Celiac Connection #gfree #celiac #
  • RT @theresa_meyers: How do U know if U R meant to be a writer? #writechat #
  • Note @theresa_meyers list is about having ideas to express – if you've ever asked where to get ideas you're probably NOT one! #writechat #
  • ROFL RT @funnyordie: The Downfall parodies have hit a breaking point and now even Hitler has had enough #
  • #writechat #amwriting #writegoal Scam "literary agent/editor" is sued by Florida #
  • Need a giggle? The rejector gives us "Dumb things said in query letters" #writechat #amwriting #writegoal #
  • Highly readable post on copyright issue by Dennis McGrath – working screenwriter. #writechat #amwriting #writegoal #
  • Actually, have hit 6k. If hubby sleeps after his overnight flight I might get closer to my #writegoal 10k. I have till midday Sunday. #
  • RT @jessrosenbooks @MarkClayson: WordPress Attack Underway: WordPress Users Must Upgrade [ALERT] #

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