My week in tweets 2009-06-28

  • Need to decide which car we want when back in Oz in Jan. Was enjoying the Prius before we left & makes me want another. #
  • Only issue with Prius was ridiculously angled back window so you have barely a slit – you need to see out when not in reverse, too! #
  • Ok this bothers me, though. What use could a person who SHOULD be driving have for this? #
  • RT @anticlimatic: #writechat Why do you all write? It's just what I have always done, a natural self-entertainment. No decision was made… #
  • Thanks for another great #writechat! Off to NZ on Sat so good luck with all your goals! I hope to be reporting finished MS on return in Sep! #
  • Using OneNote to grab research resources from the net to study/review while offline. Again, cannot recommend OneNote enough! #
  • 4 a.m. in Nagoya and it's 21degrees (70F) Auckland atm is 7degrees (45F) – ah I cannot WAIT to enjoy my fireplace! #
  • Question for Japanese speakers! How do END phone calls in Japanese? What phrase do you use to indicate thank you v much and, well, goodbye? #
  • RT @blogbooktours: Writing a synopsis doesn't have to kill you. Here's how: subscribe, too – great blog #
  • Things I find I'm looking forward to in NZ: Views of the water; Stars in the sky, hell – SKY!; real Fish & Chips; COLD & the wood fire! #
  • RT @ShaneSakata: Wow these technical difficulties are frustrating on the tweetchat today – can't be helped though sorry 😦 #japantravel #
  • RT @DavidWeedmark: RT @entreprediva Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not. ~Samuel Johnson #quotes #
  • Okay back to packing – tweet you later! #
  • NZers are so friendly! Been on the phone to hotel and it's so smooth and easy! "See you Sunday!" she said, sounding as excited as I am! #
  • Thank god for Skype. The world subscription is sooooo worth every penny (more, frankly ssshhhhhh)! #
  • Welcome to Osaka lol! What must driving go Tokyo be like! #
  • Aussies are everywhere lol! #
  • Sometimes we aren't so sure that our navi knows where it's sending us. #
  • Getting out of Osaka! Mad! #
  • At Kansai airport outside Osaka. Flight to Auckland leaves in an hour. Missing hubby already 😦 Take care of him Nagoya! #
  • Always disturbs me when the plane I'm on lands while I'm waiting to board. One feels it should get a night's sleep before the next job. #
  • Hey all! Tweeting at you from Auckland, NZ! utterly exhausted and planning to watch a movie and crash after some room service! #
  • Confirmed car rental internet deal was legit – WHEW! Will be shopping then driving up to my house on the fjords tomorrow! Tweet when I can! #
  • Room Service has arrived so logging off for now! #
  • Have a great #writechat guys! #
  • Delicious room service, my fav brand of Earl Grey and Thierry L'hermitte & Daniel Auteuil in a farce to curl into bed with. Happy. Happy 🙂 #

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