My week in tweets 2009-06-21

  • I think I just heard Andy Griffiths say his books should win critical awards BECAUSE they are the lower end of the scale… LOL #
  • It was quite a complex argument but it definitely boiled down to that. #
  • Going through each scene and noting down how the story progressed in that scene – no progression = OUT lol #writechat #
  • RT @VincenzoM: @WritingSpirit Yes, the writing doesn't stop because you're editing. You're just it from a different angle. #writechat #
  • #writechat i think Story Editing is almost my fav part of the process – all that possibility before you commit yourself … #
  • I always keep anything I edit out. So often I find it fits a story I'm working on, sometimes years later. Freaks me out! #writechat #
  • RT @Marissa_Alwin: #writechat when editing check descriptions. Too much detail… Can take reader out of story unless pivotal to plot. #
  • Seriously what 12V powered electronics don #
  • Seriously, why would a set of speakers not come with a 100-240v powerbrick? Grrr Back to Bic Camera tomorrow 😦 #
  • Happy with audio-technica noise cancelling headphones though. Might use them at the desk to filter out the aircon, desktop and keyboard lol #
  • Saw Terminator Salvation today and throughly enjoyed it, though was giggling a bit at the end. Artsy H.B.Carter monologuing – very funny. #
  • To all those new followers and followees from #writechat: it's lovely to be part of our great big writing conversation. Thank you all! #
  • RT @michaelpokocky: Gretchen Rubin: 13 Tips For Actually Getting Some Writing Done – great stuff, I need to learn No.3!! #
  • Really should go to bed, it being 3:45 am but it's just too darn hot upstairs. 7 days and I'm in wonderful, wintry New Zealand. Yay! #
  • has anyone worked out how to make laptop dvd drives region free in vista? Discovered I have limited no. of changes GRRR #

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