My week in tweets 2009-06-14

  • 10:55p.m. Sun in Nagoya – pondering staying up all night to catch #writechat again this week. Had heaps of fun last week… #
  • RT @neilhimself: Comics Are Art, Just Funnier. I linked to it broke the site. Here's the Google Cache link: #neilwebfail #
  • Damn it too tired to stay up for #writechat today. I wonder if there is one a little closer to my time zone? Have fun all! #
  • Listening to a little Cat Stevens and wondering if Harold and Maude would be available in a Japanese video store… #
  • TeeHee a giggle for anyone who has submitted RT @toniandrews: Bwahahahaha. My sister, @FloridaYankee, sent me this: #
  • 3am and done with phone calls to the States during their biz hours so going to try to get some sleep. Tweet you all tomorrow! #
  • The boys at Penny Arcade once again prove that they're just big softies at heart ^_^ RT @wilw: Behold, THE LOOKOUTS: #
  • at red rock watching Chiba play Hiroshima. on sound and no understanding so no idea what is happening but Bobby doesn't look happy lol #
  • Been avoiding updating WordPress since 2.6.1 due to previous exp. Just updated to 2.8 with one click and a 42sec wait LOL ❤ Fantastico #
  • Just realized how much I'm looking forward to browsing a bookstore in NZ. Not just to be able to read the language but for pictorial covers! #
  • @alliology thought you'd enjoy this. 🙂 Uniqlo ozone #
  • The hubby has just pulled "In the Ghetto" up on Songza – suspect so he can learn it for Karaoke. What are his plans while I'm away??? LOL #

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