My week in tweets 2009-06-07

  • Woot! Yogg Saron down! 3rd week of attempts but 3rd on server, 1st on Horde ^_^ Weee!! (Who THAT means anything to will be revealing hehe) #
  • #writechat June goal is to have enough development of my novel done so that I hit the ground running & make the most of my July/Aug retreat! #
  • #writechat beyond “doing it” my goal is to rediscover writing to entertain myself, the way I did before all the editing training! #
  • #writechat Why: because if it doesn’t entertain me enough to stick at it then it ain’t going to grab anyone else! #
  • #writechat Re: writing partners – to write the same thing together, or to swap, critique and encourage each other? #
  • #writechat @cynthiakimball I do a little of both – if I know what is going to happen in too much detail then I find it hard to stay excited! #
  • #writechat I sometimes wonder if I research to write or vice versa. I need to learn to be comfortable with artistic license LOL #
  • #writechat I tried Page Four (and a million others) but I find I don’t like writing in rtf or amateur-looking apps. Puts me off. #
  • #writechat also they mostly require MS word to print anyway. I’ve started using MyNovel and really like it #
  • RT @KarlBimshas: Stuck? Put your character in front of Google…what will they look for? #writechat ooh nice thought! #
  • #writechat I used to write prose when breaking from scripts – internal monologue is SUCH a luxury and comes more easily! #
  • #writechat When I say “better” I mean things like leaving editing and proofing in the hands of the authors to cut costs… #
  • #writechat or pushing authors for a book a year, or taking any damn thing a prev. pub’d author has written rather than risking a newbie #
  • #writechat The industry needs to adapt and evolve but not because something is wrong, just because of technology. #
  • #writechat Well, the hubby is up and looking at me like I’m crazy but it was worth staying up to hit the timezone! Many thanks to all! #
  • Enjoying home made macha icecream – have to admit to packet mix though. Oddly, a mix I bought at an asian grocer in Australia LOL #
  • Looking into how best to build an Anki deck for advanced French study. Sentence mining form Stargate French dub LOL. #
  • Figured I’d check out e-books en français. Found a few that interested me AND a French-French dict to lookup WITHIN the ebooks! AWESOME!! #
  • iTunes help PLS? How on EARTH one makes a playlist from a selection of tracks? Where is “create new” or must I create an empty one 1st? ] #
  • Oh and it’s for a WIn PC or else I wouldn’t need help – all the help refers to Apple keyboards only 😦 #
  • If interested in the Sarah Connor Chronicles read this: If interested in TV &/or film writing, subscribe already! #
  • Ok this is OMG-I’m-going-to-throw-up funny! It’s about Archie comics but a must read for anyone who creates characters! #
  • It occurs that this #spymaster thing could be a great cover for real spies communicating via twitter ^_^ #

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