My week in tweets 2009-05-31

  • Noticed #writechat “went over” today. My time zone excludes me form the usual times – is it “wrong” to tweet to it between sessions? #
  • Just spoke with NZ car rental coy – sooo nice to have fearless, informed customer service! Polite, too , but I now see that as a bonus. #
  • Considering not taking any DVDS or even books on 2mth retreat to force focus on my own story – too harsh on myself do you think? #writechat #
  • Watching Season 4 Dr. Who Confidentials – enjoying David Tennant’s real accent. So charrrming! hehe It’s the Scot in me I guess ^_^ #
  • Actually I might see if I can dig up Taking over the Asylum – I wonder if it will stand up to the years? it was damn good at the time! #
  • Ah…. so true! LOL RT @wilw: sometimes, you have to write it down, or say it out loud, to really know how stupid your idea is. #
  • Hmm what to use my 1000th tweet for? Don’t want to waste it on trivia, however appropriate to Twitter trivia may be. What to do, what to do? #
  • D’oh. #
  • Now that’s over, if you haven’t discovered these yet, check them out: The Tudors, Lie to Me, Castle and Burn Notice (yay, renewed for S3!!) #
  • RT @alliology Very interesting Flickr group: AWESOME shots for lovers of history! #
  • #writechat A post (and comments) from Lee Goldberg on an author’s self-promo attempts. Beware doing the same! #
  • Have been ignoring craving for fresh chochip cookies – no I can smell a batach baking, clear as day. NO FAIR!! #
  • Just in case people haven’t seen this immaculately done mash up yet: TRANSFORMINATORS!!! #
  • RT @alliology: @Danisidhe Here is that Green Lantern trailer. @NathanFillion looks pretty damn good as GL… 🙂 #
  • RT @kenleewrites: Vader being a smartass ROFLMAO!! In film editing, timing is EVERYTHING! #
  • Okay, I think I’ve recovered from this: RT @kenleewrites: Vader being a smartass oops, nope still giggling ^_^ #
  • Wondering if the CSI writers have sessions devoted solely to coming up with those cheesy punes they do pre-cred and dev eps from there… #
  • Going to start unfollowing bloggers who only ever tweet links to blog posts. I can sub to RSS feeds – twitter is a conversation not an ad. #
  • Not saying noone should tweet a blog post when they post it – just, you know, join the conversation don’t use my tweetdeck as a billboard. #
  • Looks like if our Japan stay is extended beyond Dec it may only be for a few mths 😦 At least we wouldn’t be moving back to Oz in Summer! #
  • man next to me at salon fell asleep during shave. barber reclined seat fully and is cutting hair, turning his head etc without waking him! #
  • Oh to be in England! RT @David_Tennant: Todays David Tennant TV: 3p Army Of Ghosts, 4p Doomsday, 7p Top Gear, 8p Last Of The Time Lords #
  • btw that’s not the real David Tennant being narcissistic – it’s a fan’s news tweet lol #
  • Seems there are now 5 primary colours. CYRGB is the new rage! CYMK and RGB are soo last century – Unity people! Unity! #
  • Have you ever seen an azalea so prolific! #
  • Off to see Star Trek – I managed to make it to today without seeing any spoilers!! It was hard work, too LOL! #
  • Star Trek was great – glad to have avoided all spoilers till its Japan release. #
  • RT @erabita: Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig together on Broadway Stage LOL the article talks about PLOT BAHAHAAAA!! #
  • RT @levarburton: There is no love like fan love… ROFLMAO!!! #
  • RT @greggrunberg: In Cleveland, Ohio it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license. LOLOLOL #

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