For those missing out, a virtual Hanami…

Bridal blossoms 2 When we first came to Nagoya to find a home here it was late May and it was the Summer green of the trees in the street, which filled the view from the study window, that sold me on our house. The bark of those trees also filled me with a quiet hope – I suspected they were some kind of stone fruit tree, all of which have beautiful blossoms. Well, the verdict is in – not only are they stone fruit but Sakura, Japanese Cherry trees and their blossoms are magnificent!

The view from my study window was just too beautiful today and I took my camera out for a play in the sunlight. The flickr slideshow is below, there are around 50 shots you can full screen it for your own virtual hanami experience. I hope you enjoy it.


6 comments on “For those missing out, a virtual Hanami…”
  1. says:

    Wow so pretty!But seems like we will only have a bit more to go – especially if it rains today as they are kind of predicting… Enjoy!!


  2. Great photos Danielle! To see the cherry trees in my neighborhood park I have to step out on the balcony and really crane my neck so you are a very lucky girl to have that view from your study!


  3. says:

    Wow! Thats so pretty…I cant wait to do hanami myself when I arrive 😀


  4. How beautiful!You’re lucky to have such a wonderful view. Such fleeting beauty, it’s so sad when the petals fall but that is, I guess, the whole point.
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. says:

    That slideshow is amazing. you have a great eye.


  6. Glad you liked them Timmy. Missing you. 🙂


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