My week in tweets 2009-03-29

  • quick poll: how many Americans are aware of DVD region encoding? Obama obviously wasn’t and neither were any of our American friends here. #
  • just bought my third laura ashley basket. baskets are okay aren’t they or am I turning shabby chic? #
  • yes! made it to the petrol station before running out! why does hubby never notice it’s on empty? lol #
  • Omg this place is initial D! #
  • Welcome to all new followers, esp those who are new twitterers! #
  • Off to order cakes for Hanami & High Tea b’day party tomorrow. Wonder what is the chance of finding real petits fours is in Kakuozan? #
  • Have allowed the contented exhaustion from b’day party to be an excuse to clean slowly – the party’s not over till the last flute is away! #

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