My week in tweets 2009-03-22

  • @dshack res is a little low to see properly but they look a bit like Canola or rapeseed… in reply to dshack #
  • @matigo Ken Watanabe and all my Japanese English students at the time LOVED it and found Kill Bil insulting – something to learn there. in reply to matigo #
  • @ShaneSakata definitely! Taking adv of writing jag atm so will prob need to be afternoon – good thing you’re not in Hawaii anymore!! πŸ™‚ in reply to ShaneSakata #
  • @EverywhereTrip wow I hope you are giggling while you are making these “should” statements about what floors are called LOL in reply to EverywhereTrip #
  • @EverywhereTrip teehee I agree. I think you should make a documentary showing how the military industrial complex is to blame for it! in reply to EverywhereTrip #
  • @EverywhereTrip In Japan we have a red triangle for a stop sign πŸ˜€ in reply to EverywhereTrip #
  • @Deizu which netbook did you end up getting & how is it standing up? looking at one myself in a couple of months – would appreciate advice. in reply to Deizu #
  • @alliology good question! Maybe because we rationalization is our core function so we feel a need to champion our old choices? in reply to alliology #
  • @EverywhereTrip Been here 9 months so far and they are triangles in Nagoya, Tokyo, Sapporo, Takayama and Kyoto so far… in reply to EverywhereTrip #
  • @EverywhereTrip It’s certainly how the Japanese treat them lol! Parking and speed signs basically ignored too! in reply to EverywhereTrip #
  • Hooray for some wonderful person putting Grand Designs up for streaming – I have missed it so! #
  • @Deizu cheers! Thinking about waiting for the t91 tablet version – not sure it’s worth it though… in reply to Deizu #
  • @recordedbooks often when recording varyingly erotic scenes my actors and I would wonder if the performance of the book = porn lol in reply to recordedbooks #
  • @recordedbooks of course if the officials would just sit in on a recording session they’d see how un-erotic the process is LOL! in reply to recordedbooks #
  • @timtfj it is great fun! Most of my actors felt one of the beauties of audio was NOT having to look the part! in reply to timtfj #
  • @timtfj on a more serious note – everything has to go through the voice and sometimes visual/physical things can take away from that. in reply to timtfj #
  • @timtfj Also you have to wear silent clothes lol! Silk is particularly annoying! in reply to timtfj #
  • @timtfj of course radio is different to long form spoken word πŸ™‚ in reply to timtfj #
  • @recordedbooks LOL thanks for that! Had an actor wanted to do that many takes per sentence once, had to tactfully explain “flow” lol! in reply to recordedbooks #
  • @timtfj radio plays should also create the images in the head though, no? Audiobooks are similar but different beast it’s true. πŸ™‚ in reply to timtfj #
  • @inkgypsy wow that reveals a lot – I think I understand why I’ve never related to her music now lol in reply to inkgypsy #
  • @inkgypsy hehe that’s so often a problem – it was P.J. O’Rourke I believe πŸ™‚ in reply to inkgypsy #
  • @timtfj Hmm how do you have verbal words without intonation – even monotone is an intonation of sorts πŸ˜€ in reply to timtfj #
  • @ShaneSakata woohoo! Go go go! πŸ˜€ Is it as eerily grey in Tokyo as it is in Nagoya today? It’s like it’s been 5pm all day 😦 in reply to ShaneSakata #
  • Watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night – fantastic film, lots of laughs and intelligent, too. Wonder why I missed its theatre release in Oz? #
  • The enormous tree that fills my study window view which I hoped was a cherry has just put out its first blooms – Hanami from my own window! #
  • Urgh time to face the dishes from last night’s little dinner party 😦 I think I used every utensil and pot I own! Except the fish ones… #
  • @inkgypsy hmm pretty sure I was mixing up PJ’s … lol was thinking Harvey… soooo wrong! LOL in reply to inkgypsy #
  • @alliology LOL You needed to get to bed! roman could barely wake you after Serenity! LOL in reply to alliology #
  • @alliology Glad to see you got home okay – he was pretty tired too! Great night though – I DON’T WANT YOU TO GO HOME!! in reply to alliology #
  • Maybe it’s growing up in Australia but I’m too connected to sunlight I’ve noticed that if the day doesn’t get bright, neither does my brain. #

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