Hooray! Hooray! Spring is on the way!

Hello. It’s been a looong while, I know. Since returning from Sapporo I’ve have had all sorts of exciting experiences including a genuine bout of Influenza A (not something one experiences in Australia, really) followed by a delightful secondary chest infection because the Aussie in me didn’t think a fever and a bad cough was worth heading to the doctor, until Superman got it and had to get a certificate for work (a certificate to say he could go BACK to work it turned out, which he has written about here) and was instructed to bring me in. I am certainly glad that Spring is coming!

That the cough was clearing up this weekend was excellent as the time had come for us to make our trip to Kyoto – finally! ‘Twas a lovely weekend coinciding (deliberately) with the opening of the lantern festival which is essentially a chance to experience Kyoto’s old town (the Gion district) in flickering light which hides electricity wires and other such things which, in daylight, take away from the olde worlde experience. It was truly magical.


All that means that, with Sapporo in there too, there is an enormous backlog of photos to edit and post! Essentially, I’m writing this little post to break the back of it so that it feels less overwhelming and to give a pre-warning that I might just be doing photo posts with very little commentary but it is all coming! I know the pics are all you want to see anyway hehe!

So, here is a taste of the first blossoms at the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Enjoy, more on the way.


Blue blossom sky sml

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2 comments on “Hooray! Hooray! Spring is on the way!”
  1. kannanicholls@gmail.com says:

    Yup, it is SO nice out!!!Yay spring! I am making all of my CDN friends back home jealous!!


  2. Wow, those blossoms are beautiful! 🙂


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