My week in tweets 2009-03-08

  • Hunting for rental away from the heat for July & Aug seems all of Nthn France is booked, looking at Scotland and Ireland now! #
  • Struggling with the British preference for baths over showers and salmon pink or chintz furnishings over, well, ANYTHING else! #
  • Trying to ask myself honestly how much writing I will get don if I take myself to Europe. Researching New Zealand retreats now lol! #
  • Coming down with a doozy of something – cheesgrater lungs to start – has all the signs of being epic 😦 #
  • Finally found a place I keep going back to and would really love – now just have to wait to see what rate they offer for 2 months #
  • Mac does it again, reading specs of ‘new’ imac once more calling already surpassed hardware ‘the latest’ I guess if people keep buying it… #
  • It does look sleek of course πŸ™‚ #
  • Is it just me or are the colds in Japan somehow more vicious than in Australia? This one is just cruel 😦 Back to bed for me #
  • Just called for kuroneko redelivery – all in Japanese, it must be sinking in if I can do it with this fever LOL #
  • Yay! I think my fever has broken AND that I’ve found my Summer writing retreat. #

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