My week in tweets 2009-02-15

  • Shocked and saddened by the fires in Victoria. I remember Ash Wednesday vividly and it’s hard to believe anything could be worse. #
  • If you don’t know what’s happening in Australia atm If you would like to help somehow #
  • My Aunt saw a Japanese tour bus heading TOWARD the fires, passengers taking pics of the fireys waving desperately at them to turn around 😦 #
  • Those of you who don’t get bushfires – what is your understanding/image of them? Wondering if the appropriate terror is invoked by the word. #
  • The page to check: no point worrying if you don’t have an actual location though. #
  • Somehow not quite so motivated to edit photos of snowy Hokkaido today. Uploaded but think I’ll leave them for a bit 🙂 #
  • ” The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has described the deliberate lighting of fires in Victoria as mass murder.” ABC News #
  • Need to ge away from all this news. Going to go downstairs and cuddle my cat for a while. #
  • RT @774melbourne: Prime Minister Rudd has accepted New Zealand’s offer of 100 firefighters. #bushfires – Thanks Kiwis! #
  • RT @774melbourne: CFA reports for the first time since Saturday there are no urgent threat messages. Residents are urged to remain alert. #
  • RT @774melbourne: Donations to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal are continuing to pour in to the Red Cross. More than $15 million so far. #
  • RT @Paul_Hartrick: A new post on the Victorian bushfires. Let pray it all ends quickly. #
  • RT @futuresandwich: Talked to emergency physician from Alfred at dinner party last night, still getting over the stories he related. #
  • RT @toniandrews: Pls retweet! Unpublished romance novel contest–last yr winner got contract with major publisher! #
  • RT @774melbourne: A number of bushfires in Vic are now considered safe That map is definitely good to see! #
  • On shinkansen to tokyo. There’s something wonderful about train travel on your own 🙂 #
  • On the way home to Nagoya by shinkansen. Lovely afternoon in Tokyo 🙂 #
  • Wow! On the Nozomi super express for the first time, you really notice the speed! Still smooth, considering. #
  • Tweeting via phone while taking a break from ebook I downloaded before leaving for super fast train between cities. It’s the future already! #

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