My week in tweets 2009-02-08

  • RT @nick_ramsay: @JapanMike “Here’s a fun idea, go to and request an invite!” I did it and it was awesome! 🙂 #
  • URGH. My name is NOT DanilellA – surely it’s harder to add a syllable than repeat what’s actually been SPELLED out? Put on forms no less! #
  • watching SG Atlantis’ CSi inspired ep. Wishing same thing I wish when watching CSI – somebody pls TURN ON THE LIGHTS!! They’ll go blind! #
  • Still up packing and cleaning before Sapporo flight in the morning. At this rate we’ll be wanting to sleep the whole first day! #
  • 2hrs sleep and up at 5 30 but great first day in Hokkaido! Hong kong entry is going to be amazing! Now for dinner then collapse! #
  • Omg Omg It’s snowing!? #
  • Met our US friends today and they helped us make our first ever snowman! Later we caughtlocals taking pics with it! I guess we did well! #
  • Sapporo hint: if taking train back to airport, go 1 stop the other way first then change to airport train and you might get a seat! #
  • – The mountains around Sapporo, Hokkaido the northern island of Japan. #

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