Appreciate your hands, people!

At some stage at least two weeks ago I somehow injured the bones (the ortho said bruised – how do you bruise bones?) of the ball of my right hand and then, it seems, injured the tendons (I assume while favouring the injured bones). The ortho says I am to rest my hand for at least another three weeks, if not more, so please do excuse further neglect of the blog for a bit as well as spelling mistakes in this since I am pecking this out using mostly my left hand (the speech recognition software is taking a while to “train”).  Of course “another three weeks” suggests I’ve been resting it properly so far but it really is incredibly difficult when I am so very, very right-handed, well two-handed really – I touch type (this pecking incredibly hard!), can’t knit with one needle, can’t play Warcraft with one hand (well, some things – for those in the know I’ve finished all my exploration and lunar festival achievements this last fortnight lol!) and practicing the left hand only on the piano is awfully disheartening! And not being able to do housework is just, well… /sob LOL
Tomorrow we are leaving for Sapporo to go to the ice and snow festival which I have dreamed of visiting since I was a little girl and I will break my hand before I miss out on taking photos but when we get home I will rest it properly. Really I will. After I’ve edited and posted the Sapporo shots of course. But after that definitely. Honestly. LOL

The one lowlight of the holiday is that Brigie went off to the pet hotel today and I feel terribly guilty. She was not happy and I just know she is going to think she is going to be going on another plane trip till she gets back to us 😦  Here she is before she left mocking my inability to practice (actually the chair gets hit by the heating so it’s one of her favourite spots) apologies for the blur.

 Optio Shot 12-11-2008 5-09-24 PM (4)

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