Warm Wishes to You and Yours :)

Yule tree


Well, the festival tree is out of her Autumn outfit and I decided to celebrate her first Yuletide in December by treating her to a coat of fir (faux, of course) with a dusting of snow, some lovely silver and red glass beads and big red baubles! I think she looks rather fabulous in the icy winter sunlight!

As you can see, with the return of Superman from his too long business trip back to Oz, I am full of the holiday spirit and I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have followed my little blog this year and wish all of you and your loved ones the warmest wishes for whatever your celebration may be. 


8 comments on “Warm Wishes to You and Yours :)”
  1. Very nice job! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you this year and I hope you and superman have a very enjoyable Xmas and that Santa figures out where you are these days 😉


  2. Oh he did – I have the whole of Series 4 of the new Dr Who to watch to prove it. WHEEEEEE!!!!


  3. kevinnicholls@gmail.com says:

    Merry Christmas, eh?


  4. Very nice tree. Will it last through New Year, or will you be culturally pressured into taking it down much sooner? I was supposed to takes ours down today (26th), but I “forgot”. 😉


  5. chicdesignergirl@gmail.com says:

    This tree looks fabulous….


  6. Thanks Billy! 🙂 Hope you are actually getting some holidays!
    @Girl Japan! Why thank you! And those star-shaped cranberry scones look pretty damn spectacular too!!


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